Israel and 911

Introduction by Paul Powers – September 9, 2012

Another anniversary of the 911 attacks are coming up on the United States of America.  We can look forward toward all the contrary opinions pointing as to why this or that could not have been possible etc.  The collapse of WTC7 and the 100% failure of Norad to protect America are probably the best examples.  As important as these facts are they just symptoms of the root cause.  Just looking at symptoms and ignoring the root is most certainly a one way ticket to nowhere which exonerates the guilty ones.  The following cover art (parody of People magazine) by David Dees goes a long way in exposing the responsible ones.The best single quick source I could find on exposing Israel as the force behind 911 is a url from the website The Information Underground. This invaluable information should be spread far and wide on any occasion that presents itself.  This same link can be found at much larger and popular sites such as What Really Happened (WRH).  That is a good thing but the daily website of WRH is of little to no value outside of its stories on Israel since it ignores the societies, institutions, and people that are an integral part of the New World Order but are not directly linked to Israel/Israelis.  For example,  the site owner Michael Rivero “has no problem with the Freemasons.”  Without Freemasonry and it lodges in every single country in the world the Rotschild/Zionist realization of a one world slave state would be still born.  A freemason is a jewish owned goy golem whether they know it or not.  The book Architects of Deception by Juri Lina covers this and many other little known facts in meticulous detail.  For those interested in the not so obvious (ie occult) connections to 9/11 Michael Hoffman’s Towering Inferno (newsletter) and Inside the 911 Conspiracy (audio cd) are indispensable.

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