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Visible Origami – September 9, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Strife seems to be the order of the day. In the world at large and even in small venues, like these blogs. Confusion seems to rule the boardwalk, as we wander in vision distance, along the shoreline of the ocean of opportunity. This ocean of opportunity, comes out of the raw unmanifested potential of Nature and Nature is doing some very strange things. When Nature begins to react, in locations heretofore not seen, it is a reflection of the human estate, concerning the degree of it’s corruption. I see unusual parallels but that is the kind of person I am. The ordinary progressions are meaningless to me, as any kind of guidelines, because they are obvious in the first place. It is the arcane that strikes me, so I like to look at the dumping grounds of the rich and tasteless.
One thing you know for sure, when things are coming down and going down, things are also going up. The same way that generations disappear, along with their way of thinking, new generations appear to replace them. In some cases these generations, are worse than what came before em masse but better in the minority, as is the case in the United States. You see emerging nations, where there is a hunger for something higher and lacking in entrenched corruption. You see countries, where a certain religious solidarity, translates into moral fiber, as it does in certain Muslim nations. This is irrespective of draconian tendencies, that may exist in certain entrenched corridors. These people have a collective, going to glory, mindset. It’s a tough thing to counter, when you are growing increasingly fat, corrupt and over extended, as the west is exemplifying, in it’s decadence and aimless fascination, with trivia and temporary satiation. This is not to say it is not rampant in the East as well, where they turn their culture into a cartoon caricature of what you see in the west, like India, Japan, China etc.
I’m a trends and signs kind of a guy, which does not mean I believe I have the capacity to predict where it is safe to be. I think the only place safe to be, is right with yourself and, by extension, right with the world, on your terms, as opposed to whatever insanity the world may be presenting, be is ever so clever, subtle or gross. A person with integrity will find that they experience the positive result of the difference, between the Fata Morgana and the secret springs of the elusive oasis. One of the paramount problems in this day and age, is too many people’s self assurance that they know the way to go. Self confidence, without a deeper input, is going right into the demographic of, “pride goes before a fall”. You have to find the oasis and drink the water.
The biggest problem with people concerning accessing the higher mind, is that ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ phenomena. It’s religion that fucks up people’s understanding about the reality and efficacy of the arcane. Religion is a suit of clothes that reflect what someone was wearing at a particular time. Most of the time and certainly at this time, it was a long time ago. This creates a disconnect between how we think, what we know little about, really is and the present moment, where things are and things happen. Unfortunately, this requires one to be different than just about everyone else. It confers that ‘voice crying in the wilderness’ thing. Most people have a real problem with being different, even though they go out of their way to try to appear different; a tattoo will make me different, although I am surrounded by millions of people with tattoos. I need to get a tattoo across the base of my spine, so that the person pounding me from behind will have something to read when they go through the motions. I need a whole lot of wild piercings. People will notice me. I need that unique haircut that’s got that, “I just got out of my bed a moment ago but while I was sleeping, rats shit in my hair and moussed me with Krazy Glue. There’s no question you will want to go to bed with me”.
Religion is is like putting all your attention into the shrink wrap packaging and forgetting about the contents it’s enclosing. ‘If’ there is a consciousness, vastly beyond your own, it makes no sense to try to interact with it and interpret it on your terms. This is one of the essential misperceptions, on the part of so many people. This doesn’t just reflect back on a person’s being hamstrung by religion. It extends into that person’s relationship with other people. It extends into their relationship with Nature and with their own nature. It extends into their relationship with the world. It gets into every area of your business. It’s why the world has such poor leadership and confused and indifferent followers. It’s what makes religious leaders dress up in clown outfits and not have a clue about how ridiculous they look. It’s the prelude to the Emperor’s new clothes. It’s the kind of thing that caused Samuel Becket to wear the same shoe size as James Joyce, out of emulation, even though Joyce’s shoe size was one size smaller. It’s the kind of thing that makes women have toe surgery so that they can wear those Jimmy Choo shoes.
It’s the kind of thing that makes me think I know what I’m talking about when I don’t (grin).
What to do? What to do? Certainly it is not to go out and shoot a few rounds of golf, or crack another Budweiser, in preparation for this Sunday’s games. One thing we are, is creatures of habit. This is the good news and the bad news. You have to look at your habits, as the source of everything that is good and bad in your life. Good habits ensure that you will not fail, when confronted with difficulty. Bad habits, ensure that you will fail automatically because that is what bad habits do. It’s the dynamic of having discipline and not having discipline. What do you do? Coo Coo Ka Choo.
I have fallback. Do you have fallback? When I don’t know what is going on, I fallback. Some, when they don’t know what’s going on, do not fall back, they fall forward under their own power. Most of life is ridiculously simple. That is the problem. It’s too simple, so we add in whatever amount of complexity we think we need, to grant authenticity that needs no addition of, by the person creating all kinds of obstacles for themselves.
Netanyahoo is a belligerent psychopath. So are Ehud Barack and Avigdor Lieberman. Nothing guarantees a sure fire clusterfuck, like fellow travelers nodding their head in agreement, while the whole world can see what idiots they are. You say the whole world can’t see it and most of them aren’t even looking? Agreed, but Mr. Apocalypse is in town. Mr. Apocalypse is in the house. Like Ralph Fiennes and Philip Seymour Hoffman in Red Dragon, you will be forced to see and it’s the same individual qualities that we have been discussing here, that account for Hoffman getting into the mess he got into and winding up as a wheelchair flambe.
So many people think that certain people are way too powerful to be brought down. No one is too possible to be brought down. Nothing is too big to fail. Time may pass and everything may go well for either of these for a time but eventually, down the chute pilgrim, down the chute. No one has ever conquered the world and you may be sure they are going down, when they get to the position where they think they will. Without the capacity for surrender and being able to see that you are wrong and care to know whether you are wrong, you are doomed.
So it goes in the Crimson Clover, over and over. Red for blood and green for money, honey. ♫Let it be, let it be♫
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