The Humpty Dumpty, Sidewalk Egg

Reflections in a Petri Dish – September 8, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be wet.
Welcome to Dog Poet Transmitting and the intergalactic broadcasting network, coming to you nearly live out of the Sirius Cluster. Visible is hovering in the saucer pod tonight somewhere after the morning before and the morning yet to come. We are hoping that means something but we have little, if any idea of what anything means anymore. We are told that nothing means anything except in the context that lends it reference to itself by reflection. Reflection is the essence of comprehension and understanding follows comprehension around like a dog. Ahrooooooooooo! As we say in the hinterlands where wailing in the wilderness is all we are capable of, since wilderness is paradise enow, so to speak, paraphrasing Omar Khayyam, as it was. Omar was also as smart as paint, as opposed to those who find watching paint dry to be a stimulating experience.
As you can see, I’m as clear as mud and that is how I’ve managed to stay Les Visible. There are good reasons for being Les Visible and possibly even better reasons for being Les Audible. There are some negative aspects as well. Put the accent on Asp, if I happen to be Egyptian but that is neither here nor there, as so many things are. There is a place we search for and here is a place we search from. What do we do when we get there? We search from here again for, what will be here. So, no matter where we are, here or there, it will always be here. There’s never anywhere else but here. We’re here now but I’m not really here. I am there, which is now somewhere. It will be the same now, here and there, even though here and there are not the same. I hope we’re all thoroughly confused now, even if we weren’t confused there, which we probably were.
So, things are heating up all over. As we have seen at the blogs they are heating up and that is a general expression of all over which, includes both here and there. Never underestimate the insanity of the Israelis. Since they are behind much of the evil of present times and because they are most definitely behind the banking scams and the economic failures, by intent for the purpose of thievery and because Mr. Apocalypse is exposing them, they have no defense against the rising exposure which is going to make them hated and hunted the world over. They are racing against time, which has to do with both here and there. This is why war is so important because it is a continuous distraction without end, which is the point of endless war.. Endless war is not what we came here for but it is what we got, here and there.
This war necessarily, is taking place between us, us and each other and them and each other and themselves. Keep in mind that they hate each other as much as they hate us and that puts them in a double bind. Keep in mind that they are six million in number because this is some kind of irony alert.
People, oh my people, catch a clue that everything is not the particular deception of the moment. The moment of concern is to engineer with our thoughts and words and action to discover what it is that works contrary to our best interest and where possible act in every way to the best interests of all of ourselves rather than to be swayed by that which works against each other and our own selves and considering that sometimes good intentions do not lead to the better results. Be not deceived. It is this that makes a muddle of life and instigates strife, taking us into conflicts and bondage that might be bypassed and avoided. Given that this is Kali Yuga, there are times when strife and actual conflict come to pass. In that instance all of the preceding, shall serve your asses well and factor into your presence in some one Heaven or Hell. The dimensions that lie beyond us, in either regard, no tongue can tell.
The precipice of the edge of the moment approaches. We have seen that much, which might have gone very badly already has not happened, when we thought the time had come. Then again, a great deal of ugly has whipped shitstorms in the blenders of the age. This is not Memorex and I am no sage. The zukunft is not fixed. Everything can change, except for the archetypes that support the principles of the players on the stage, for good or for ill.
You have to think of the whole dynamic as something like a racketball court. Ergo, the rackets and crime and criminal behavior, within the dimensions of the cube of space. The Magician is above. The High Priestess is below. To the east is The Empress. To the south is The Sun. To the north is The Tower and to the west is the fortune so many covet so much. The joining lines flesh out the archetypes and explain what they run into and the whole composes your world. Our thoughts, words and actions, translate into the world we live in, which should express liberation but depending on how our virtues and shortcomings bounce off of the archetypes depends on whether it is liberation or bondage. Some people like that freaky shit. I don’t.
In the primary pose, the man chases the lady. In the secondary case, the lady follows the man. I have noticed this and as aging goes by, you too often see the woman ten steps behind the man, instead of walking alongside; a word to the wise. How do you like those apples, Mr. Eve? We are dancing through the trees of the ever leaves and we are either singing right up through the trunk, or we are drunk and stoned by branches, we have fallen down upon and the heavy lumber falls upon our heads from the ugly tree, getting whipped by the red headed step child of unfortunate delivery. Something there is about us all that goes wrong due to attachment …and fear of loss is the whip of things upon our unpleasant situations and circumcisions of truth, to the benefit of self deception, in the pursuit of gain.
It’s not like this hasn’t been going on for a long time, in the minds of our leaders and of course the movers and shakers and of course we become criminals, we become criminals from the corruptions and perversions of a system that is worked sideways from Sunday, to satisfy our greed. Our leaders are the plug ugly representatives of bankers and down the upline magicians and thinkers with the devil’s intentions, scheming for maximum gain and advantage, at the expense of all of us. A system that doesn’t see to the needs of all of it’s member just cannot succeed. When you reduce the population to the nasty extreme, well… well then those who are too fat to dare to die, meet those for whom life is no longer worth living and they are the many and you are the few.
So, war becomes necessary, even though, usually, war is a profitable game. Sometimes, war becomes a necessity, to distract the attention of the people you have plundered, but every now and then on the great wheel of time, it gets to the point when you’re juggling all those balls and there are finally too many balls and they all come tumbling down. Humpty Dumpty will cook on the sidewalk, that Humpty Dumpy Egg is for those who can hear and adjust. There is a new world coming, I trust, but there is no fixing this thing. It’s broke, bent and ruined, so judgment will come. My best to you all in your different ways.
End Transmission…….
There will be a radio show soon coming.
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