“Russia Today” is an Illuminati Proxy

David Richards – henrymakow.com Sept 6, 2012

Bill Ayers, Obama ghost writer, and like Obama a CIA operative is interviewed on RT

Russia Today is an English language channel that is widely available in Western countries. It is a regular feature on American satellite packages and is included on Freeview, the digital terrestrial network in Britain that reaches 55 of the country’s 70 million people.

RT is aimed at people who distrust the mainstream media. The majority of coverage is devoted to opposition to Western crimes. This entails a broad range of issues, from the American wars to the emerging police state, the democratic deficit to bank fraud. The coverage has struck a chord with people: the Russia Today YouTube channel was the first to reach 500 million views.

The purpose of false opposition is to define the parameters of discussion so people don’t realize who is their real enemy. RT portrays conflict between Russia and the West, or Left & Right, when in reality, it’s a Punch and Judy Show. They are puppets of the Judeo Masonic Banking cartel. Where,for example, was Putin when Ghadaffi needed him? 

A Google search for ‘RT Freemasonry’ brings up only two matches. ‘RT central banking cartel’ – no matches. The same bankers who run the Fed run the Russian Central Bank.

A large portion of the people given airtime are sincere activists who spend a great deal of time and energy running their own websites. They are selected because they fit into the station’s paradigm and don’t talk about the New World Order.

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