South Korea – Illuminati Aim to Corrupt Youth

by James Farganne – (henrymakow) Sept 2, 2012

As an ex-pat in South Korea, I am fortunate to be part of a society that has thus far rejected feminism.
On Korean television, men are still generally portrayed as strong, loving fathers, husbands, and sons.
Korean women, by and large, still practice the art of knowing when to be strong women, delicate ladies, and, on occasion, delightful girls. Career driven mothers are most definitely the exception and not the rule.
The unity of the family is still paramount here. Divorce is still a stigma that  can stunt a woman’s social and economic prospects. I don’t say “single mother”, because from what I understand, the courts tend to award custody to the father, especially if the woman instigated the divorce – in which case, no alimony.
However, if the woman demonstrates that the father has been unfaithful, abusive, or negligent, these conventions are waived. In other words, Korean family courts are not venues for the highway robbery of men.
I like this society so much that, having married a woman with whom I know I’ll go the distance, I have applied for citizenship. But I see a very disturbing trend emerging: a Luciferian attack on Korean children.

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