Gay Parade and Black Magic in Jerusalem

As if we he don’t have enough trouble with Hezbollah rearming in Lebanon under the watchful eye of the UN, promising to attack Israel again in the near future; and Hamas in Gaza arming at an alarming rate with a reported 100+ weapons tunnels from Egypt. Preparing to do the same thing Hezbollah has done in Lebanon in this last war that our leadership failed to win and now we are paying a terrible price, with the almost guarantee to pay dearly in the near future.

I keep hearing that the large majority of the Islamic world are moderate, well lets assume that is true for a moment (but it isn’t). The numbers being passed around is that only 15 to 20% of the Moslems are Terrorists “Radicals”. So I did some number crunching again. There are around 1.8 billion Moslems in this world and that number is growing very fast. If 20% are Terrorists that is 360,000,000, think about that for a moment, and if the majority of the rest are potential recruits as Terrorists just how much trouble do you think you’re in.

Now we have the gay parade threatening to take place this coming Friday Nov. 10th. The Haredi have been protesting by burning trash in the streets and stoning the police. They have promised to be violent to the point that it will stop the parade if it takes place in Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Police are wanting to cancel the parade for security reasons knowing there will be blood shed but the Supreme Court has order it to take place.

Many have asked me what I thought of this whole affair so I will try to give you my feeling in a nutshell. These people who call themselves gay are sin sick, they are perverts. I remember when I was a small child we called them queers, then we got a little nicer and started calling them homosexuals, and then we started calling them gay, there is nothing gay about these sick people, they stand far everything that is against God, in fact God has condemned them to hell if they don’t repent and accept the Messiah.

The problem is that in a democracy you have to have the freedom of free speech and free expression. It seems to me that today the courts misinterpret both. You have the right to swing you fist around all you want, but not the right to hit someone in the face with it. And what these sin sick people are doing is hitting us in the face with their sickness trying to force us to accept them as normal or as they say an alternative life style.

But they are not the only sick folks in Jerusalem these days, a very large percentage of the Haredi are more into Kabala than Torah. For example in today’s Jerusalem Post we read that many of the Haredi Rabbis (Kabala Rabbis) will use the dreaded Black Magic to curse the organizers of the gay parade. So it seems that instead of going to God for their help they are running to the Devil the author of Black Magic. These are the same Rabbis who put a curse on Sharon, so maybe the organizers should stop their homosexual sin right away and ask God to block this black magic. But who among us believes that will happen!

Shalom, jerry golden