The way the world should be


‘He who amongst you sees something abominable should modify it with the help of his hand; and if he has not strength enough to do that, then he should do it with his tongue; abhor it from his heart; and that is the least of faith.’

— Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Sahih Muslim Hadith 79

Corruption rules the world. What we can get away with is our highest hope. Mark Twain said good luck is when the arrow hits the man next to you. He also said, “Luck never gives, it only lends.”

CITIZEN EVACUATION UPDATE (prognosis for AD 2007): Scuttlebutt from Naval Intelligence: The global warming scare will facilitate the implementation of microwave devices throughout the world that will enable the corporate controllers to beam electric pulses into the brains of everyone nearby, as is now being done in Iraq, scrambling the brains of U.S. troops as well as the besieged locals. This scenario could happen in the U.S. unless you believe that America has an honest government still actually working for the people, in which case you should ignore all this and let it catch you unawares. Have you noticed all those new cameras at your local intersections? That means the towers are probably in place in your area.

Also, during the inevitable mass insurrections about to occur, be prepared for fentanyl drops from Blackwater helicopters like the stuff that killed hundreds in a Moscow theater. Don’t be surprised. Your life has already been on the line for longer than you know. Everyone should be buying facemasks at this point.

The great Neocon dislocation is about to begin. The great anesthetization. Tribulation, perhaps. I guess, really, that it happened some time ago and I am very late in reporting it.

Two thousand five hundred years ago, Chuang Tzu recounted the story a recluse told to the Marquis Wu of Wei:

“Haven’t you ever heard about the men who are exiled?’ A few days after they have left their homelands, they are delighted if they come across an old acquaintance. When a few weeks or a month have passed, they are delighted if they come across someone they had known by sight when they were at home. And by the time a year has passed, they are delighted if they come across someone who even looks as though he might be a countryman. The longer they are away from their countrymen, the more deeply they long for them — isn’t that it? A man who has fled into the wilderness, where goosefoot and woodbine tangle the little trails of the polecat and the weasel, and has lived there in emptiness and isolation for a long time, will be delighted if he hears so much as the rustle of a human footfall. And how much more so if he hears his own brothers and kin chattering and laughing at his side! It has been a long time, I think, since one who speaks like a True Man has sat chattering and laughing at our ruler’s side.”

The Wandering Boy who hid in libraries found the library of his dreams in cyberspace and learned more in a few years that he had learned in his entire life, read on:

The recluse, Hsi! Wu-kuei, said, “Heaven and earth provide nourishment for all things alike. To have ascended to a high position cannot be considered an advantage; to live in lowliness cannot be considered a handicap. Now you, as sole ruler of this land of ten thousand chariots, may tax the resources of the entire populace of your realm in nourishing the appetites of your ears and eyes, your nose and mouth. But the spirit will not permit such a way of life. The spirit loves harmony and hates licentiousness. Licentiousness is a kind of sickness, and that is why I have come to offer my comfort. I just wonder, my lord, how aware you are of your own sickness?”

Marquis Wu said, “I have in fact been hoping to see you for a long time, Sir. I would like to cherish my people, practice righteousness, and lay down the weapons of war — how would that do?”

So, two and half millennia later, you have to wonder why they call it evolution. Chuang Tzu goes on ….

The unity of the Way is something that virtue can never master; what understanding does not understand is something that debate can never encompass. To apply names in the manner of the Confucians and Mo-ists is to invite evil. The sea does not refuse the rivers that come flowing eastward into it — it is the perfection of greatness.

The sage embraces all heaven and earth, and his bounty extends to the whole world, yet no one knows who he is or what family he belongs to. For this reason, in life he holds no titles, in death he receives no posthumous names. Realities do not gather about him, names do not stick to him — this is what is called the Great Man.

We must believe that where we are is real in order to live at all, and in order to do that, we must take control of it as best we can.

The foot treads a very small area of the ground, but although the area is small, the foot must rely upon the support of the untrod ground all around before it can go forward in confidence. The understanding of man is paltry, but although it is paltry, it must rely upon all those things that it does not understand before it can understand what is meant by Heaven. To understand the Great Unity, to understand the Great Yin, to understand the Great Eye, to understand the Great Equality, to understand the Great Method, to understand the Great Trust, to understand the Great Serenity — this is perfection. With the Great Unity you may penetrate it; with the Great Yin, unknot it; with the Great Eye, see it; with the Great Equality, follow it; with the Great Method, embody it; with the Great Trust, reach it; with the Great Serenity, hold it fast.

The great question keeps popping up: We know what the trouble is, but what are we going to do about it?

End with what is Heavenly, follow what is bright, hide in what is pivotal, begin in what is objective — then your com prehension will seem like noncomprehension, your understanding will seem like no understanding; not understanding it, you will later understand it. Your questions about it cannot have a limit, and yet they cannot not have a limit. Vague and slippery, there is yet some reality there. Past and present, it does not alter — nothing can do it injury. We may say that there is one great goal, may we not? Why not inquire about it?

It is most important to be precise in your perceptions. See things for what they really are. Although it is exceedingly difficult to choose among issues upon which to focus in this overdeveloped age of cyberinformation, cut to the chase.

Realize that our bond with the planet has been severed by abstraction. We have projected the very images of our worst nightmares into third-dimensional reality, and the result is a plethora of plastic poisons that foul our seas and undermine our genetic structures.

This ubiquitous black cloud of our own nightmares, now vividly manifested in reality, consumes the planet and asphyxiates all living species with its nauseating synthetic flatulence. The real human aroma smells like shit.

As humans, we have lost control of our structures and ourselves to clever puppeteers who are cynical about what they really believe, and as a consequence, prey on their brethren for profit. This cost is intolerable to all except those who participate in the scam.

The human being alone among all earthborne lifeforms has the power to determine the fate of the planet. Will this responsibility be totally erased by the fear that is engendered by the temporality of existence?

The only way out is to realize what an honor and a privilege it has been for me to do all this, and I thank you for that.

Gratitude is the pathway to happiness. Learn from the mistakes you observe. The truth is actually in the error, sitting there for all to see and learn from.

The human race must make a choice, and soon. It must decide that happiness, and not fear, is the most important thing. Our fear is killing us, only our happiness will save us.

To make happiness reign beyond the sun for as long as the future shall be is the goal we must follow if we are to survive as a species. It’s not that hard to do. All you have to do is love someone and simply respect that they are on the same path as us. And that is the way of the universe.

To make Planet Earth a beacon of hope and liberty whose warm light will spread throughout the universe as the new norm of interspecies behavior, characterized by automatic hospitality, concern, and love, an eternal demonstration to every living thing that we are all in this together.

Otherwise we are lost in the foul odor of our own desires, and don’t deserve to survive.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida whose Internet essays have been seen on hundreds of websites around the world. Support truly free speech. Buy his books and flood him with contributions.

E-mail alert:

Today I received this e-mail from a reader.

Hello John,

Thought I’d better let you know somebody is sending viruses that seem to come from you. Yesterday I received an e-mail with “skylax” (instead of “John Kaminski”) in the “from” field and the subject line “Fw: Sexy”. There were three images which for some reason didn’t show, and an attachment which was identified by my anti-virus software as “Worm/VB.6.AN” and removed.

Obviously this message did not come from you, though your enemies obviously want people to think otherwise. It’s clear you’re annoying the right people, so keep up the good work. 😉

All the best, Brian Reeves, Eastbourne, England.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.