Wonder Bread Slinkys on the Stairway to Nowhere

Visible Origami – August 31, 2012

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Dark Times add up to dark shit but… how much of what we hear is true? The truth lies (grin) invisibly between all the personal projections that surround us like molecules of air. That means there’s a whole lot of them. Then there are aggregate projections, like air-balls, which, I am not sure if they exist except as an ineffective action on a basketball court, but if they did exist they would be composed of a lot of air molecules jammed close together. These would be the things we hear from the various forms of media that reflect collective perspectives on what is happening, funneled through some mouthpiece or other, most of them bankrupt or bogus and some of them having an element of truth.
Is America being turned into an open air concentration camp? There is an awful lot of evidence that indicates that and all kinds of evidence that indicates it is being spearheaded by the murderous banking vampires, with allegiance to a particular Middle Eastern country, which owns the American political system and by default, the military, the courts and law enforcement, along with all kinds of other things. How they did this we already know about. What most of us don’t know about, is what we are going to do about it. That, I’m guessing is a personal decision that, in many cases, will be ad hoc adjudicated, without input by or questioning by those so railroaded into whatever containments and enclosures they may find themselves in, without ever having been aware of it taking place.
I know this is Origami but we will be dealing with the metaphysical sooner or later. Some of us may be dealing with the metaphysical sooner than we want to. That would be something to think about, given the capacity to engage in the process to begin with. The news is disturbing and the scene is unnerving and quantum assisted by the collective indifference of a bulk order of the population. Comparisons to the herding of cattle and sheep are not out of line, when you can see so many people waiting in line and marching in line. Here is a small sampling of the latest entertainment offenses against the culture. It’s getting the highest ratings, compared with other offenses that are apparently more important than things like survival, self respect, integrity and a whole lot of other outdated considerations and qualities that have lost their relevance and importance. They got people with medical degrees, simpering in the wake of a soon to be human dirigible from the land of Wonder Bread and Twinkies, whose brains go down the stairway to nowhere, like Slinkys. It’s some kind of “grab their balls and their minds will follow” kind of thing and God only knows what kind of sick freaks are already fantasizing about this ambulatory bran muffin. Now I’m not saying this emerged from the shallow end of the gene pool during the season of entropy but… we have definitely raised the state of Idiocracy upon the wreckage of the state of never was.
I’ve been watching all of this for a long time; watching from a distance because that is the position I got put in for whatever the reason, every now and then, some anonymous wag comes around and lectures me on my not manning the barricades in the motherland. The implication is that some kind of fear motivated me to run away from the revolution they are not themselves engaged in. This overlooks my numerous arrests for calling attention to the kinds of things that, these days, are everywhere you look. This overlooks my extended stays in various confinement facilities of the emerging police state of America. This also overlooks the fact that I would certainly be back in such confinement facilities, were I to be foolish enough to practice my arts in the cleavage of the beast and would therefor be non practicing or performing at this time.
It behooves an informed consciousness to act informed and to stay informed. If you don’t exercise your brain, your mental waistline will swallow your focus which, by it’s very definition needs to be narrow in order for concentration to be operative. I hope this paragraph makes as much sense to you reading it as it did to me while I was writing it.
There are only so many ways to approach the game of life. One might say that there are an infinite amount of ways but there are really only two. Either you are motivated by self interest or otherwise motivated. Sure, there can be a lot of variations on either theme but there are just the two themes and the varying intensities and lack thereof in terms of either. Intensity determines speed in either case and also the amount of impact on the affected environments.
Self interest and what we will loosely term selfless service, are not specifically what the words imply and some degree of either can certainly color the other. It can be truly stated that selfless service is the highest level of self-interest. So, as Lao Tu said, “terms may be used but none of them are absolute”. Whatever you say or do, you’re serving someone and you can expect to be paid in the coin of the one whose world you are operating in and what you say and do, determines the world you are operating in and who you are serving. There is a vast historical record concerning the different kinds of service one can engage in and what results from them. I don’t need to reinforce what life teaches everyone. You either know these things or you don’t know them and it makes going on and on about it moot at either end.
The purpose of those who assist in the performance of life’s reasons for being is to prod, provoke and guide us all. Sometimes you are whipped and sometimes you are led but you cannot stand still short of the finish line. You can serve false masters for a very, very long time but you can’t do it forever. If we must all return to our origin then we cannot remain in a separated state. Although we might not be aware of it in the day to day, we are all in some degree of torment due to our separated state. This divine restlessness will not go away. We can try to bury it beneath our immersion in the world of the senses but this condition will not endure. It will extract a heavy price and perhaps wisdom will be the fruit of it somewhere further up the road. Wisdom is born of suffering and it blooms when the essential nature of suffering is revealed.
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