Voice of the White House November 3, 2006

“Aside from obvious sabotage of the Presidential helicopters, a flood of serious threats against the President, there is also consternation in the Monkey Palace over the fact that the movie, “Death of a President” has opened and is now showing at the E-Street Theater on 11th Street in DC, as well as some 110 other theaters nationwide. Is there a connection with the helicopter business? Who knows? The Oval Office brought utmost pressure to prevent this movie being released in America.

Rumors are flooding the Internet that Bush is about to declare Martial Law and declare himself President for Life. One of my co-workers wrote this up with an eye to keeping attention away from the debacle in Iraq. There we have a sharply escalating casualty list, rampant civil war, mutinous troops and never enough to override the other side, chaos in Afghanistan (not talked about) with the Taliban back in place, opium production increased over the levels before we occupied the country, the U.S blasting schools full of children because someone told them that terrorists were hiding in them (obviously a successful ploy to get us to further blacken our already filthy reputations) Halliburton and other Bush friends suddenly pulling out of what for them was a bonanza of riches (they know what’s coming) and reports of high level officers in the Pentagon burning many files in anticipation of a Democratic take-over of the Congress followed by serious investigations.

And now we learn that a top Evangelical preacher, a friend and advisor of Bush, got caught out when his paid gay lover snitched on him! Drugs and Fudgepacking, all in the name Of Higher Things! Dare someone bring up Gannon in this context?

You should see Bush’s face these days. His complexion is blotched, mouth turned down, eyes squinched shut, snarling at everyone one moment and next declaring in a loud voice that he will sweep on to victory next week. Bush is crazy. He could have turned this election around if only he had promised to do something positive or speak, however vaguely, about pulling out of Iraq or at least appearing to consider this. Instead, knowing how angry the American public is on this subject, he sticks his furry tongue out and screeches like a drunken whore about not leaving Iraq (or Afghanistan) during his term.

Both Cheney and Rumsfeld are universally despised by everyone but Bush will never, ever fire them. Again, the tongue stuck out, fingers in ears, feet stamping on the floor.

He puts on a half-hearted act while out on the pathetic hustings these days but in truth, a stay at St. Elizabeth’s Clown House here would do him wonders. Well, Bush and his crime partners ran up a bill we will be paying for years. Cheney will die of a heart attack while Bush is living out of the country on all the loot he dragged in. Bush’s presidential pockets are just as deep and just as stuffed with illicit cash as are Cheney’s.”

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