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Kevin Boyle – No One to Vote For August 30, 2012

The new Independent small newspaper “i” today, in its ‘Comments From Home And Abroad’ section quoted comments from “The Times” and “The Telegraph” on the recent ‘Rachel Corrie case’ in Israel.
Never has it been clearer that the British press, even the so-called ‘serious’ British press, is merely a platform for crass and vicious Jewish propaganda.
The Times article (that you will have to pay to read [please don’t bother]) included the following:

“….the judgement accords with sense and compassion. Corrie lay in the path of a bulldozer whose cab was several feet above the ground. She would have been hard for the driver to spot.”

A witness to the event disagrees strongly, but who will bother to print his opinion?
An extract from this Telegraph article written by the sneering, truly despicable Brendan O’Neill went as follows:

“…..The transformation of Corrie’s life and death into a black-and-white morality tale – featuring a well-off white American who was pure of heart, poor little brown people who have no hope, and a Zionist entity that is supremely evil – sums up the boneheadedness of modern-day Palestinian solidarity.”

Actually, a young woman who sacrifices her life trying to protect the defenceless from the activities of a violent depraved state provides us with an almost definitive idea of the meaning of the term “pure of heart”. We might get an even better idea of her nature and motivation by watching the 11-year-old Rachel Corrie speaking here.
So Jewish editor of ‘The Independent’, Simon Kelner, reprints portions of articles from other ‘broadsheets’ that nod respectfully towards the just and reasonable state that murdered Corrie. Not a hint of feeling for this heroic young woman, nor for the ongoing suffering of the people she was trying to protect.
Kelner himself writes an article today about the relationship between the Germans and the Irish, during which he cannot resist alluding to ‘The Holocaust’, astonished that it appears not to be the first thought in young Irish minds when the word ‘Germany’ is mentioned.
It is about time everybody, including Jews, got acquainted with the truth about the Nazi ‘gas chambers’, one of the most recent (along with 9/11, 7/7, but no longer ‘The Gulf of Tonkin’ incident now openly admitted to be a lie even within school A Level history syllabi) “truths that dare not speak their name”.
Articles like the above are symptomatic of the monstrous power and sheer malice of the Jewish-led psychopathic control grid that now oppresses all humanity.
We, OUR government, are sending forces into a foreign country to attack a lawfully elected government. If ‘We’ succeed, ‘We’ will doubtless invade Iran, if successful there on to Russia, no doubt.
We, our representatives and military, are the terrorists of the world. NATO/US/UK/Israel/various hoor Muslim states act as one.
We do not want war. The Syrian people, the Iranians, the Chinese and the Russians……the ordinary Israeli people do not want war. Yet it seems we will get it.
It seems we can collectively do nothing, so cunningly and effectively are we divided and ruled.
Creepy international bankers, organised Jewry and organised Freemasonry constitute the Satanic claw that grips humanity’s throat.
Their control is for now, seemingly, almost total.
When the sh*t hits the fan all that will change within a relatively short time frame. Who knows, maybe it will take the prophesied three years.
We should pray that ‘lesser brethren’ Jewry, who have been brainwashed into believing in the violent and irrational ‘anti-Semitism’ of gentiles (this meme and these people being the great shield defending the Pharasaical/Satanic/Banking core power) will recognise the message Christ brought to them 2000 years ago.
The moneychangers must be driven from this society which is our temple. The Satanic anti-Christ (did they not prove it) religion of the Pharisees must be openly rejected.
Jews are NOT the only humans (as the Talmud teaches).
You must join us against your leaders who have wickedly betrayed you, as well as the rest of us, with every imaginable kind of lie and make-believe.
Best you recognise this truth before we gentiles do, for these criminals are our leaders too.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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