Iran closely monitoring U.S. military bases in the region

Robert Tilford – Examiner August 29, 2012

FARS is reporting that a senior Iranian air defense commander underlined that the country’s Armed Forces are “fully capable of repelling enemy threats, adding that Iranian air defense units are closely monitoring US bases in the region round the clock.”

“At present, we are monitoring all military bases around Iran 24 hours a day. Also, any flying object which enters Iranian airspace is monitored by Air Defense forces,” Commander of the Air Defense Unit in Northeastern Iran General Abdollah Reshadi told reporters on Wednesday.

The General admitted his forces are “monitoring all the US military bases and all aircraft and flights near the country’s borders.”

“In addition to the 24-hour monitoring of their aircraft we record their flight information and data and we will definitely give a rapid and decisive response to any aggression against Iranian soil”, he said.

“We even have the statistical data of the enemies’ aircraft in their bases across region,” Reshadi stated (see article: Commander: Iran’s Air Defense Fully Prepared to Repel Enemy Threats ).

The FARS news report also included the comments of a highly respected Iranian military commander – Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, who previously indicated the IRGC had contingency plans in place to strike 35 U.S. military bases in the region within the first few minutes of a pre-emptive American military strike against the country.

“We have thought of measures to set up bases and deploy missiles to destroy all these bases in the early minutes after an attack,” Hajizadeh said at the time, referring to Iran’s contingency plans for any potential confrontation with the US.

He said that the US has 35 bases around Iran, and stated, “All these bases are within the reach of our missiles. Meantime, the occupied (Palestinian) lands (Israel) are good targets for us as well” (see article: Iran will target 35 U.S. bases within minutes of any attack ).


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