The Land of the Flea and the Home of the Slave

Smoking Mirrors – August 29, 2012

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May your noses always be far from Mitt Romney’s diaper …and may it always be cold and wet.
My favorite news bit this morning, was about the poster boy of the GOP, meaning he fits the image of that group in every sense of the wide angle spectrum of that political affiliation, in terms of it’s embrace of any form of morality that gets the job done. In that way you could say that the Republican Party is all inclusive. They’ve got their own big tent and they need a big tent. Good grief! They have to accommodate the elephants to begin with. They’re not all inclusive on the hoi poloi, lumpen proletariat level (they wouldn’t be Republicans if they were) but they are definitely all inclusive in terms of whatever gets the job done. Anyway, before all the decent Republicans get on my case for being cavalier with their idea of how it really is, as far as I am concerned, both parties are a collection of warmongering, lying sacks of shit, so, I believe I am capable of seeing both sides of the equation.
Anyway, once again, there was Governor Christie, with the word captions coming out of his blowhole and lighting up the ceiling of the convention center. He took the time to talk about his success in the great state of New Jersey, where another great patriot recently left his mark on the state, that being the illustrious John Corzine. So, you know that Governor Christie has a glorious tradition behind him. Anyway, yet again, while talking about himself, my mind asked me a question that still dances around like a sugar plum in my head; isn’t Newark and Camden in New Jersey?
A lot of thug work has gone down already at the convention and that was initiated by the people who control the Republican and Democratic parties. As Brudder Amschel put it, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” His wife and their offspring were on the same page and she let the whole world know the truth of that; “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none”. Where does that leave us, especially those still resident in The Land of the Flea and the Home of the Slave? They are in the hands of the ones who control the nation’s money and who are engaged in a policy of perpetual, endless war. I guess we could say that both of those quotes are reflected in the present state of the nation. Now, what I have presented here is something that is known as a Slam Dunk. Is it not? Is it not? As if there weren’t ample evidence of all of this, all over the blasted and looted landscape. It’s as clear as who did 9/11. This site got knocked down but they got back up again; cue Chumbawamba.
So what is it? You just don’t want to hear it? You know it’s true but you don’t like it? Bat’s have built a crowded Jonestown community in your belfry? You want flies with that? You know, if you don’t meet the truth on it’s terms, you will eventually meet the truth in some form of The Bad Stranger. The truth is uncompromising, that’s why it stands alone. The truth is at right angles to everything else, so you can’t actually see it, unless it lives inside of you and then there’s not going to be that much of you left anyway. That’s all good news, unless, unless you don’t much like the truth because it is inconvenient. It is, isn’t it? There are several ways to wake up. You can wake up on your own. Someone can wake you up. Or something can wake you up. There is probably more to all of the possible permutations and one could say there are palpable degrees of severity, between the different ways that awakening can take place. It’s your call.
I know it gladdens the hearts of the great unwashed that Romney’s spouse looks like Madonna’s twin sister. You can make the comparison by simply scrolling down the page of the first link. She’s looking all kinds of Kabala Water, stupid fresh. Doesn’t your chest just swell with pride, when you consider how the leaders of today seem so much like the leaders at the birth of the nation? Jefferson, Adams, Franklin……. Ah, the atmosphere resounds with the resonant vibrations of a million air fresheners, tinkling like wind chimes in the soft, alcoholic American night. I close my eyes and I see the lumbering behemoths of corporate lobbyists, arm in arm with Republican lawmakers, rent boys, immigrant hookers (is this a great country or what?), dancing dominatrixes and all of the dewy-eyed, wonder workers, who add such a prosperous and festive dimension to that grand experiment called The American Dream. It’s a beautiful thing and the really beautiful thing about it, is that you are all a part of it… somewhere. In a way it is similar to all of us being a part of the body of God. True, some of us have to be the butt hairs, the toenails and sundry …but you are all equal, relatively speaking and share in the glory of the composition.
The election is only a couple of months away and that means we’re entering a time honored, quadrennial period, where we can look forward to the kind of mischief and mayhem that has become such an intrinsic part of The American Way. It’s as American as random violence and corporate theft, both of which also walk arm and arm on their way… somewhere. America has a variety of cash crops and random violence is one of them, so is planned violence, which can sometimes just be spontaneous and creative violence, but no matter which one of the Baskin and Robbins flavors of violence you favor or prefer, it’s a smorgasbord of delights for both the connoisseur and the occasional dabbler. C’mon, this is the country of Dalmer, Bundy and Gacy. Sounds like a law firm doesn’t it? America is one of those special countries where, not only could that be a law firm but if it were, it wouldn’t have anywhere near the body count of the front runners.
It’s like the whole idea of serial killers and how they flower like Kudzu out of the fertile earth of The Great Republic. If you put all of the serial killers that ever manifested their performance art in The Great Republic together, the sum total wouldn’t come close to the numbers already possessed by The President of the United States. Henry Kissinger has way more bodies. David Rockefeller is only a banker and he’s killed way, way more people than that total. Any one of these people have probably killed more people than all the other pedestrian, ordinary killers from the last century, who practiced their arts in the theater macabre of The Great Republic. Of course, a lot of the mass murdering, political high hats in this Grand Guignol (puppets all), committed their killings under the orders of the people who run the currency printing presses. It’s no surprise that World War 1 followed right on the heels of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. No group of people on Earth kills more people than bankers and they do it for money. That makes each and every murder a capital crime, as in, “Capital, my good man”!
Now why am I saying what I am saying and which I have said any number of times before, although not in the same way ever, I hope? It is because of a general, world wide, cognitive disconnect. If the effective aspect of propaganda mind control, is the result of relentless repetition, then I am simply following a particular, well trod path, in search of the same efficacy. The simple and irrefutable fact is that the central bankers are the biggest mass murderers the world has ever seen. They have had any number of puppets, who have been given the credit for their work, like Stalin …and the usual suspects. An argument could definitely be made for religions but they are also banking firms so… there you have it.
The scriptural saw, which states that “the love of money is the root of all evil”, is exactly so. This is because all commerce and most of everything that moves from one place to another, has it’s gears lubricated by the basic medium of exchange. Some might argue that it is lubricated by blood (mostly), sweat and tears but I was speaking metaphorically anyway.
Once these banking cartels fail, as they will, some portion of the world will be poised for a new destiny. However, these mass murderers, have already migrated a whole new system, into the precipitation zone of the aethers for download. They’ve got their hands on all sorts of precious items that are on standby for equity. Yeah, I could see where the whole picture might look depressing, if you were left to your own resources, which are presently all in the hands of the bankers. However, what appears to be in the hands of bankers, is part of the fundamental shit wit factor, that is behind the global epidemic of Head in Ass Syndrome. Nothing that goes on out here is what it appears to be and those who know this, are not susceptible to the mumbo jumbo, voodoo that mind controls the rest of the world. Thankfully, Mr. Apocalypse is on the set. He’s carrying some heavy lumber (the Eddie Mathews, 35 ounce bat) and he’s batting in the clean up spot. He’s batting in the clean up spot because there is so very much to clean up.
He works for the big guy and when he shows up, it means a change is going to come; cue Sam Cooke. Well, there are things that I’ve been told and of course, I could be mislead …but I can’t see how that can be, if I’m going in the opposite direction than the herd. Perhaps the herd is not mislead? Possibly. Perhaps Jell-O is not made from pigskin collagen and George W. Bush is a great human being. Maybe in a parallel universe that might be true and no doubt a lot of people are living there …but it isn’t going to make any difference. Change is the universal constant. There is big change and there is small change and we are in the transition time of big change. How will it all shake out? I don’t know but… shake out it will.
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