Sheep’s clothing

Although there is still no penetration of honesty into the mainstream media with regard to Judaized America’s colossal crimes around the world, the greatest danger to everyone who believes in freedom of speech and wants honest government is not the bought-off establishment propaganda machine. It is those who pretend to be legitimate critics, but really aren’t.

So I found out to my cost recently on an interview supposed to have been on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) with the famed assassination scientist James Fetzer, a bulwark of the group of American college professors who have staked their credibility on scientific proof that the U.S. government’s official story of what happened on September 11, 2001 was a total lie.

Fetzer, however, was busy being pilloried by Fox News fascist Bill O’Reilly that night and couldn’t make it, so Kevin Barrett, who earlier had garnered some important 9/11 publicity at the University of Wisconsin, filled in.

What happened was best explained by listener Don Nordin’s e-mail to Fetzer:

Dear Mr. Fetzer,

I can not find an email address for Kevin Barrett, so I would ask you to forward this to him.

I must make it clear that I support the 911 Truth Movement and agree with much of what I hear on RBN. However, I was disgusted by the way that Kevin Barrett interviewed John Kaminski. He invited him onto your program and then talked over Kaminski whenever Kaminski tried to expand on making a point. Further, Barrett refused to address many of the points that Kaminski made, instead talking around them. Then Stadmiller was allowed, as an RBN host, to come on the program and gang up on Kaminski with Barrett.

The program degenerated into a disgusting attack on a guest, with Barrett forgetting that he had a role to play as an interviewer, not as a co-guest. A host, while not restricted to being neutral, should at least let a guest have a platform for disseminating his viewpoint. This was not done. The entire program came across as a setup for the purpose of attacking the beliefs of Kaminski.

Near the end of the program Kaminski was dismissed like some sort of piece of trash, without even a thank you or civil exchange. I felt very badly that this incident had happened on a network which, up until that point, I had some admiration for. If you are the man that I hope that you are, I would think that you owe Kaminski an apology. — Don Nordin.

Judge for yourself at these two links. Forewarned is forearmed vis a vis RBN. Frankly, the first half is not worth listening to, and in the second half, I was frequently blacked out.

My favorite part of the show, however, was when Stadtmiller interrupted the argument I was having with Barrett. First, he pretended he didn’t know me by calling me “Mr. Kaminski” (I’ve only been on his show in years past three or four times), and then he said …. get this!

“We don’t want to get put on the ADL’s hit list!”

Bingo! The mindlock. The slippery slope. The revealing of inauthenticity, all in one snappy sentence. That’s good theater, John. Thanks for letting us know where you stand.

For those of you who don’t know (and shame on you if you don’t), the ADL is the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith, the Jewish gestapo in America, which forces you to believe lies and ruins you if you don’t.

Of course, this same kind of censorship has happened to me on numerous radio occasions, notably, on Jack Blood’s show on the Genesis Communications Network when I tried to talk about the elephant in the living room, and on Meria Heller’s inconsequential paid gatekeeper broadcast, where she insists everything is going to be fine.

All the supposedly revolutionary talk that is supposed to be taking place on RBN comes down to that. It kind of reminded me of a recent remark by Daryl Bradford Smith of who told Eustace Mullins, “We can’t talk about the Holocaust because we might get arrested.”

Other wearers of variations of patriotic sheep’s clothing include Hesham Tillawi, the would-be TV star and probably the only Palestinian in the world who would have a menorah on his website, Jeff Rense, who sticks to the esoteric in order to delegitimize other information on his site, and Alex Jones, budding movie star whose career is being assisted by levels a little higher up on that slippery slope.

Worst of all, from my point of view, is a horrendous chatroom in France that feels it’s more important to discuss my personal life than it is to forthrightly answer the questions I have raised about Jews’ intrinsic inability to tell the truth about anything, anytime, anyplace.

So many wily wolves in sheep’s clothing pretending to be dispensers of legitimate unbiased information with no other purpose to inform for safety’s sake.

Two of the very few news sources I still trust on the Web are Victor Thorn of WING-TV, who still stands at the top of the heap for his book “9/11 Evil,” which explains Israel’s central role in the World Trade Center disaster, and is still the only book to do so, and Sofia AKA Smallstorm, genius creator of “911 Mysteries,” the best 9/11 movie because it relies solely on scientific evidence.

Apart from a couple of dozen others I completely trust, the rest of the alternative 9/11 media herd has questions they dare not answer and motivations they may not explain. Yet most of the inquisitive public (granted, not a large number) still ingests information from these folks that will lead them astray, and guarantee that the problems they are trying to solve will not be solved PRECISELY BECAUSE of the false directions in which they are being led.

They pretend to be helpful social critics, but they have ulterior motives. And I only recognize one ulterior motive — to keep us from getting at the real truth, because somebody has paid them to impede us. We know who that is.

I could end the war in Iraq in one day. Simple. Ship the entire U.S. Congress to Baghdad and let them loose on the street. Then we could clearly focus on what should be done about Israel and the Jews.

When are the American people going to wake up and realize our criminal government has already destroyed virtually all of the Constitutional protections we Americans have enjoyed for 200 years? Are they in a coma? As a result of U.S. actions over the past five years, ALL Americans are eligible for the death penalty for their complicity in the illegal wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, in which trillions of dollars and millions of lives have been wasted in this colossal charade for nothing but the profit-strategies of Halliburton, the Carlyle Group, and other criminal corporations.

This bogus War on Terror is a complete fraud. After five years, no principal figure has been arrested for the crimes of September 11, 2001. That can mean only one of two things, and both are bad. Either the actual perpetrators are enjoying the protection of the hypocritical politicians who are supposed to be protecting us, or the people who our government says committed this history-changing crime don’t really exist.

But why don’t the American people rise up and do something about it. This is the question people have been asking me for almost five years.

There are several principal reasons.

1. It is becoming obvious that virtually the entire Congress is complicit in the mass murder and treason that was 9/11. Further, they are equally complicit in the mega mass murder in both Afghanistan and Iraq, as the rationales for attacking both countries have long since been exposed as lies.

2. The American people can no long get valid information from their own media. No other event in American history has been so whitewashed by a kept press. The federal government essentially thwarted a legitimate investigation into 9/11 by destroying the evidence and refusing to discuss the actual details of the day, like the alleged plane that flew for more than an hour over Virginia before supposedly crashing into the Pentagon. There is no way in hell ANY airplane could fly in a threatening manner for that long without being intercepted by America’s air defenses, no way, unless confusion over multiple scheduled drills that day and deliberate misinformation from America’s top officials prevented it. This is the essence of the crime, yet America’s vaunted newspapers and powerful TV networks have been unable to make that elementary deduction. Deliberate or otherwise, it’s still treason for everyone involved in the coverup.

3. When Colin Powell admitted that the Downing Street Memos were true, that was a statement to the whole world that the Western attack was absolutely illegal, yet most in Congress endorsed the action despite knowing it was wrong, and no major news organizations in America had the courage to describe the crimes against humanity that were being committed in the name of the American people. All of these people, many thousands of them, are guilty of treason and complicity in mass murder crimes against humanity.

4. Major American media refuse to report on depleted uranium decimating the health of American soldiers and a large part of the Middle East, guaranteeing billions of people would have their lives cut short by cancer and other diseases. And this is only one of the medical attacks on the general population now under way.

5. Each vote you cast this November, no matter which way you vote, is in itself two crimes. One is complicity in vote fraud, which you know has determined the last two major elections. And the second is no matter which candidate you choose, he or she will support continuing U.S. crimes against humanity. Your vote makes you a criminal accomplice to mass murder. Imagine that. If you can.

Maybe it’s better, since your heart is palpitating at a very high rate when you consider these matters, that you just put on your sheep’s clothing, and hope the next bomb doesn’t fall on you.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the red-tide-choked Gulf Coast of Florida whose Internet essays have been read on websites seen on seven continents. His booklet The Day America Died was written four years ago and remains accurate.


This website does not necessarily endorse or agree with all that John Kaminski writes and in our view he sometimes makes serious misjudgements. However, he also sometimes makes some interesting points, which is why we post the above. Ed.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.