Syrian Helicopter Downed by ‘Rebels’ Over Damascus

New Brief – August 27, 2012

A Syrian military helicopter crashed in flames Monday after being hit a missile fired by ‘Syrian rebel’ fighters, or so ‘Syrian opposition’ activists claim.
While there no doubt that a helicopter did go down over Damascus it may not have been shot down by ‘Syrian rebels’ but by Western Special Forces.
The ability to shoot down a helicopter is exactly the sort of military skill possessed by Special Forces, such as the British SAS or SBS who are now reportedly active in Syria.
Although ostensibly searching for President Assad’s chemical weapons they could just as easily be assisting ‘Syrian rebel’ fighters. As they would be in they’re element, covertly operating in enemy territory exactly as they have been trained.
Whether a ‘Syrian rebel’ or a member of Western Special Forces fired the missile, the downing of the helicopter marks another step in the steadily worsening conflict. It also means that the West has decided to up the ante in its efforts to overthrow Assad; because even if a ‘Syrian rebel’ did fire the missile it still means the West is supplying more sophisticated weaponry to assist in his overthrow.
Until recently, ‘Syrian rebels’ – most of whom from eyewitness accounts appear to be outsiders, including Libyans, Egyptians, Jordanians, a Palestinian and elements of Al Qaeda – had no answer to Syrian air power.   
That will have changed however if forces opposed to Assad now have sophisticated shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles at their disposal.
Reports first appeared that ‘Syrian rebels’ were being supplied with Stinger missiles in early August. Then two weeks ago a Syrian Air Force jet went down and opposition fighters captured its pilot, although Syrian government spokesmen claimed the crash was due to a technical malfunction.
That explanation seems less likely now in the lights of the downing of the helicopter over Damascus.
In recent weeks Syrian government forces have made headway in their fight against forces opposed to President Assad. That could change however if those forces striving to overthrow President Assad now have Stinger missiles at their disposal, or are being assisted by elements of Western Special Forces armed with such weapons.
Either way, the conflict in Syria could be about to enter a new and much more dangerous phase.
Nor should we forget who helped bring Syria to this stage. Apart from the Western aligned Gulf States, Western intelligence has been assisted all the way by the corporate media who have consistently and deliberately overlooked extensive foreign involvement in the forces opposed to the Assad regime.

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