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Smoking Mirrors – August 26, 2012

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It’s amazing how seriously bad sections of highway can turn into a sweet smoothy surface without warning or advertisement. Ironically, this kind of thing often happens the most when you start going public with it; as if… if you kept your mouth shut, as if… It would have happened at the same time anyway. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion about this but I’m not going into it. It happens to me a lot.
If you’re an early bird here, you should come back for your Hang the Bankers graphic, soon to be located below.
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The banker security police are at it again and confirming what it is they were hired to do in the first place. Look at it this way. If there wasn’t the constant threat of crime, they wouldn’t be necessary in their surface, pretend roles. Firing on innocent bystanders is just good business practice and no one cares anyway, just as long as it’s not them. Hey, it’s New York City, where they just step over your dead body, after the early worm went through your pockets, but I think that would be most urban locales these days. You got to follow the money and you got to keep in mind that any and every for profit organization has one primary objective and that is to grow. Most of them are not unlike cancer, which is another growth industry. Some industries create the cancers, through tampered food items and shit food items, as well as pollution and various methods. Others treat it, without curing it, using expensive, bankrupting technologies, that are produced by yet another arm of the Globoctopus Vampire Squid consortium. For profit hospitals, give you somewhere to suffer and die, while you wish in one hand and shit in the other, except for those of you using bed pans or colostomy apparatuses that also cost serious bucks.
Here’s some information about cancer cures, sent in by a reader at Visible Origami today;
This video, overlooks some valuable information, regarding the cancer killing combination of Molasses, baking soda and Yoga, which together can kill all cancers and severe fungal infestations of the digestive tract usually in ~1 week. I can attest to this fact because it worked for myself and many others. Cancer & fungi cannot survive in an oxygenated and alkalized environment. Oral intake of sodium bicarbonate offers an instant and powerful boost of blood pH into the alkaline. One teaspoon can raise the pH to around ~7.4. Maintaining a pH of ~7.4 effectively neutralizes the ability of cancers to grow and reproduce. Molasses acts as a kind of Trojan horse for the baking soda. Candida and cancer infestations will attempt to ingest the sugar rich Molasses as they do any sugar, except the oxygenating and alkalizing qualities of baking soda are taken in with the Molasses, effectively neutralizing the infestation at its very source. This is a natural and completely safe and effective kind of chemotherapy.
Search youtube for “juiced cannibis” and also watch the documentary “Run From The Cure.” Eating raw marijana bud is one of the best cures for cancer… There is also tried and tested miracle pharmaceutical cure for many kinds of cancers called DCA and it is extremely cheap. Kundalini Yoga can amplify the effects of the bicarbonate soda / Molasses combination exponentially… by helping to oxygenate the body. Do not underestimate the power of Kundalini yoga. Just doing Kundalini yoga every day immediately after taking the baking soda molasses combo can cure most cancers alone. This is the Yoga video I used to cure mine: Cancer cannot thrive in an oxygenated body with a high ph.
If you find out you have cancer, the first thing to do is not to panic. Smile and take it on… cancer is a good motivator to eat well and get more exercise. Cancer is the result of the bodies natural process of defending itself from environmental toxins and stress. You take it seriously that you can cure it on your own, make a few adjustments here and there and you will cure it. If the cancer is life threatening I recommend a combination of all the three above (DCA, Marijuana & Baking soda / Molasses with Yoga) I personally do not recommend trusting anything a physician or a doctor says, they are hired killers as far as I am concerned.
This man cured his stage 4 colon cancer with molasses and baking soda in less than a week.
This is a bloody excellent article, must read on Baking Soda / Molasses…
Yes Baking soda cures Candida”.
You might want to think about ‘going alkaline’ and also looking up ‘oil pulling’, as well as the relative benefits of Curcumin and Turmeric. There is so much out there, not to mention in there, though most people find ‘out there’ to be a lot easier to access than ‘in there'; Kali Yuga anyone? Those who can negotiate this area are allowed to drink a particular wine, with body like Hale Berry, coming out of the water in “Die Another Day”. Granted that, you ought to also get a load of the sommelier …but that’s another story and only for members of the book club.
Now let us get to a consideration that is on my mind since I saw the movie “Thrive” yesterday. This is a movie with a lot of buzz and having watched it, I can gather which circles it is buzzing in. I go nearly 100% percent of the time by my intuitive sense. I have found it to be the most accurate in hindsight, which, for most everyone is, 20-20. So that’s who is usually watching films, reading books, observing life and contemplating action.
The first part of the movie was truly informative and hitting all the right notes. Then the host Foster Gamble said a couple of things, which telegraphed some other things and I saw classic misdirection at work. It was all about taking the blame that is rising up via The Apocalypse and depersonalizing it as institutions (this included an obvious direct mention), without making the direct connection that men run it and they’re not likely to give a flying Fig Newton about any of this but they would be more than delighted to get behind slick controlled opposition. Then Amy Goodman shows up and we enter Red Flag Country. I see Barbara Marx Hubbard (second down the list). Lo and behold Deepak Chopra shows up.
Okay people, it’s always kind of painful for me when I get into that territory where I have to mention people in terms of misrepresenting things; not knowing what they are talking about, or being slick and glossy, without useable content; like a new age version of Peephole magazine. It’s like with Eckhart Tolle. I recognize in this day and time, most people are more attracted to Cliff Notes spirituality than to something that takes time, effort and sacrifice. I freely admit that I could be wrong and as soon as that is proven to me, in a way that I and the readers here can accept in terms of a precise, concise and logical argument, except where logic doesn’t enter into it, because it exists beyond the boundaries of logic and; what are you doing talking about it in any case then? Huh, Mr. Visible, what about you? Read the disclaimers. Anyway, as soon as such cogent and informed argument appears, Mr. Visible adjusts his perspective. That is his modus operandi and his greatest hope that all such relevant arguments will most speedily come to his attention, so that all need to argue will be gone forever.
As soon as the film ended, I went looking into the credits. I could smell Little Georgie Sorrows somewhere in the area, or someone from the same reptile banker world. You saw a lot of a triumvirate of Rothschild, Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan. I’m think to myself, “Hmmm, didn’t Eustace Mullins once say, ‘ that the Rothschilds ‘preferred to operate anonymously in the United States behind the facade of J. P. Morgan and Company’”? So, why would Rothschild and J.P. Morgan be presented as separate entities?
I felt a certain confusion toward the end when Mr Wizard was going on about money problems and money solutions and I thought of that old Les Visible quote, “When the tables are turned, the same people are still sitting there”. How come that is? It’s because of the Byzantine application of controlled opposition, which is artfully upgraded with each new version. Sometimes there are versions that are intentionally not artful, so that some other version can come around and refute it by telling part of the truth and leaving out the important parts.
Let me say once again, something that will make no difference to the people who never pay any attention to what I am actually saying …and never read the disclaimers, nor remember the general trend and contents of these sites. I don’t know; but I am life and death willing to, insofar as the information is useful and won’t get me into trouble through my own mismanagement. I simply tell you how things look to me, at a particular point in time. At the same time, what some of these people do, may not be wrong but it does go against my principles, as they exist at the moment; like Tolle leaving speaking engagements with tens of thousands of dollars. I believe if you are telling the truth, you should accept a nominal fee and if you need more money, find another way to make it. The more you charge for truth, the more it is compromised, even if it is true. Don’t ask me why it works this way. It’s one of those mysteries but I will tell you it has to do with dilution and a decrease in active virtue. This means you can get your tank filled, think you’re all gassed up and then run out of fuel before you even leave town. It’s similar to the nutritive impact of junk food, where you are hungry again half an hour later. True food is sustaining and it’s value is cumulative. Be well my friends.
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