The Hang the Bankers Christmas Tree Ornament

Reflections in a Petri Dish – August 24, 2012

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You see some really funny things on the internet. You see stuff like this from the people who literally control 96% of the world’s media, while making up 0.2% of the global population. It’s interesting that there is only one comment there, while making claims of tens of thousands of supporters. It’s just another day in the tank, when it comes to the stream of bullshit that hammers the human eyes, ears and minds with each succeeding day. I notice a change in the general consciousness, slowly but surely. It’s like the agonizing drip of a leaky faucet, in a cold water flat, somewhere in the wrong end of Liverpool.
We’ve all heard of critical mass and the straw that broke the camel’s back. I imagine it will be something like this. One day it’s more than enough and then the plains flood, so to speak, if I can somewhat mix my metaphors, over more than one sentence. I’m hopeful. I wish I didn’t have to listen to that faucet. I’m not even in Liverpool. Must be some kind of resonance (grin).
Some part of my mind has this eerie certainty that really bad things are going to happen to the corrupt of this age, to the bankers, finally, and to a certain crime syndicate nation in the Middle East. I can’t say that I’m ardently wishing for these things. I have a certain kind of watchful indifference. I know not to take any amount of inordinate glee, in even the righteous comeuppance of others. That’s bad form because, “there but for fortune goes you and I”. Schadenfreude is never a good idea, even though it is a compelling attraction. We see so little of true justice done here, that having it show up at any time can be refreshing and make one optimistic that it might become a trend. A great many people that I hear from and even talk to, are not optimistic about any of this. They give me arguments about how these people are just too damned powerful but the uproar over Corzine is not going to go away. Eric Holder is not the only industry shill who is in position to confound the process he was supposed to employ and who is in that position for the very reason of being an obstacle to justice. Over recent decades, a sophisticated vetting of personnel, has been taking place in areas of government, law enforcement and judicial agencies. It’s been taking place in the Senate and House of Representatives. It’s been taking place in Gubernatorial arenas and at the local political level in the states.
Whole new agencies were created with the single purpose of an operative police state. The borders were opened and illegal immigration encouraged, for various disruptive reasons, as well as for reasons of profit at the corporate level. This has all been in the works for quite some time. It’s an intimidating picture, if that’s all you have to go by and if you forget what inevitably happens to empires, when they over extend and they always do. When they become corrupt, it is a simple matter of time. There’s some mysterious force in the universe that goes to work, when a nation falls into the hands of evil administrators. It is associated with the same principle, which declares that “evil always destroys itself”.
Now, deep inside, we know this is a truism but we are hesitant to be confident of it’s operation. Then again, dying empires can take some time to fall and before they become an archaeological curiosity, they exist as an unpleasant lesson in going along with the program. One doesn’t always have to appear to be in defiance of the program. That makes no kind of tactical sense. One can appear to be going along with the program but have other intentions entirely. The important thing is to never forget that you had other intentions, as so many do.
Judgment is coming. It’s part of the process of awakening and there are precursors to all of that, though we may not know about the actuality of them. According to Hannibal Lecter, ‘avarice and hanging’, were linked together in the medieval mind. He was giving a little lecture in Firenze. It also included the mention of ‘self destruction’ and he referenced a quote from someone, which stated, “I make my own home, be my gallows”. We can presume this is all accurate because of what we know about the mind of Lecter and the research reach of Thomas Harris. Anyway, banking and hanging apparently go together and it’s interesting how often you hear the phrase, “hang the bankers”. We will see if there is truth in that, as well as the already established precedence shown. Dante had a lot to say about all of this and he’s quoted extensively by Lecter.
There are various kinds of wild beasts with different motivations. In this case, the wild beasts are the one’s throwing the party. One thing we know for sure is that there is an enduring tradition of the government, engaging in depraved activities, around the presidential elections. We also know that the elections are as fixed as it gets. There literally are no elections anymore. The outcome is decided in advance. It’s too bad for them that these fools can’t decide their own outcome, which will be based on all their expressions of doing wrong shit at every opportunity. Some people are more or less twisted and the job of Karma is to straighten them out in the long run. Some people are diabolically twisted and their impetus is to do bad shit, wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself and to go out looking for, or create opportunities, should they fail to show up, in a timely manner, on their own. These are the ones, as I have said many times, who do evil for the sheer joy of it. These are your Kissinger’s, Bushes, Rockefeller’s and other banking families. These are the channeling architects of terrible, collective destinies. These are the people who make the conditions that so many suffer and perish in. They too are agents of Karma but not in a good way.
You know, Thanksgiving isn’t that far off. Hopefully you’ll have something to be thankful for. Halloween comes first. I hope you don’t actually meet Pumpkin-Head. Then, finally, there comes Christmas and one of you lucky entrepreneurs, is going to follow up on my idea of a hanging banker Christmas tree ornament. It’s a guy in a three piece suit, with a rope around his neck and you can hang it from the tree or the mantelpiece. You can hang it from the wreath on your front door, or even from the rear view mirror of your car. The spinoff into t-shirts, coffee cups and the like, through agencies like Cafe Press, should be an energizing and galvanizing consideration, for some one of you who needs to make some extra cash, or any cash at all. This ties in with that kind of subversive activity that I’ve mentioned in the past, such as printing up stickers that say, “9/11 was an Inside Job”, or even “Israel did 9/11”, as long as you are telling the truth, you should be good to go. You put these stickers up in toilet cubicles, right next to the Sharpie advertisements for meeting up with someone in that location at 2:00 AM. You could put up little bumper stickers, with these blog sites on those walls, or anywhere, or something with the alternative news-gathering sites on them that have integrity and you know which sites those are, cause you usually see me linked there (grin).
One can be very creative in this area, if they think about it; government agencies; heck! Some of you work in those places. Some of you are in the military. Some of you are in Palestine. A few of these slogans would look good on The Wall.
Moving right along; “Hang the bankers”, “Put the government in jail”. “Fuck Homeland Insecurity and the TSA”. “Fuck Janus Napolitano, somebody, please”! “Welcome to Wall Street, a law degree is a license to steal”. “Eat the 1%, then vomit”. I guess you can’t keep a bad man down. Anyway, you are easily as creative and can think of all sorts of things like this that are not violent and are effective in their own small way, especially if hundreds of people are doing it, in a V or Scarlet Pimpernel sort of a way. Do consider The Hanging Banker Christmas Tree Ornament”. I think it could be a big seller this holiday season. You could put it on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and Craig’s List and I’ve barely scratched the surface of the possibilities; hang it with the mistletoe, or tie it to your dick, wearing only a trenchcoat and a short length of pants legs, held up by rubber bands and expose yourself at the park. There’s nothing obscene about this, it’s a revolutionary act. Haute couture ladies, can hang one from the end of their braids, or from a chain around their necks, nestled in their cleavage, kids can hang them from the handlebars of their tricycles and bicycles, life-size examples can be hung from lampposts on Wall Street but watch out for cameras and patrol cars. They can be hung from highway overpasses. They can be affixed with Gorilla Grip to the back doors of tractor trailers. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.
Appropriately, I am watching a very funny movie called “High School”, about marijuana smokers with Adrian Brody. That’s probably not a good idea considering where I’ve gone with this post but as everyone knows, this is for entertainment purposes only (grin).
“Hang a Banker for Jesus”. “Bankers do it in your coffin”. “Bankers, it’s what’s for dinner”. “Bankers, the other red meat”. “Got bankers”? “Yeah? Well Bank you”! Help! I can’t stop doing this. Steady boy. Take a deep breath and think about something else, like Obama in a bathhouse, scratch that, not a good idea on reflection and this is Reflections in a Petri Dish. Robot, Cisco, Detroit, over and out.
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