Media Bias: Gays Shooting Conservatives No ‘Hate Crime’

By Hayden Fox – August 23, 2012

A week ago a homosexual tried to shoot up a family values office in DC because he objected to what they ‘stand for’.
According to article cited below, cops and media initially failed to mention that the guy is gay or why he did it.
During the annual wave of “Lone Gunmen” shootings, the oddest thing about this case is that it may actually be unplanned and unscripted.
It’s like a drunk walked on stage during a play and was quickly whisked backstage by the set crew, and the actors pause in awkward silence, then resume their lines. Right wing-nuts do this kind of thing, not poor, sweet downtrodden gays. 
When I peruse the MSM articles on this shooting, it sounds like the Family Research Council is on trial!
The New York Times says, “Shooting Possibly Driven by Politics”.  
Maybe the Southern Poverty Law Center can define the distinction between ‘politically opinionated shooting’, and ‘hate crime’ shooting.
from: “Family Research Council shooting: Weighing Motives on Uneven Scales”      by Robert Knight
“According to the FBI, Floyd Lee Corkins II fired a nine-millimeter Sig Sauer handgun in the lobby of the Washington-based pro-family group that had helped draft the federal Defense of Marriage Act.
Corkins was trying to pass himself off as an intern bringing Chic-Fil-A sandwiches,  but the security guard didn’t buy it.  Corkins panicked and pulled his gun and winged the guard in the arm. The wounded guard wrestled Corkins into custody before he could kill anyone. 
Corkins said, “Don’t shoot me, it was not about you, it was what this place stands for.”
The motto of Family Research Council, prominently displayed over the building’s entrance is “Faith, Family and Freedom.”

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