Crocodile Swines and the Gang Banging End Times

Smoking Mirrors – August 23, 2012

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That staccato sound you are hearing, is my New Balance sneakers, hitting the pavement in full flight, in tandem with vigorous Kundalini snorting, as I try to force certain terrible images from my mind. Actually, before anyone calls the PC Police, it’s the comments that I want you to look at there. The chronic redundancy of ingrained prejudices, is a dark marvel to behold. In the US they’ve got this conservative vs liberal ground, media and cyber-war. In remote villages, it’s the complaint that the people upstream, are pissing in the water supply. If you go upstream to the next village, you hear the same complaint about the village further up.
The origin of these toxic mindsets, might be the product of a combination of things but there can be no doubt in recent memory and present time that the usual, high-end gangsters, are promoting these discords and milking the results for their own posterity. It’s part and parcel of their timeless tradition of dividing the little people, into opposing camps of competitive ignorance, for the purpose of shearing slaughter, processing and packaging. To understand these people you first need to understand how they see you. They see you as cyphers and statistics on a balance sheet. They see you as commodities and canon fodder. They see you as useless eaters, much as the people at the top of the pyramid, due to their reversed Kundalini practices, see you as useless breeders.
It’s not a coincidence that Eugenics is a primary interest of rich men who own the space, time continuum and the financial masters of the universe. Emotionally retarded psychopaths, inflate their sense of self importance through reducing the value of others. All manner of things would not be going on, if the people at the top, in present time, were not such monsters but, …they are. It is less than amusing to watch the industry whores, as they seek to batter and compromise the truthful, in their pursuit of justice. To hear these banker fellatio machines tell it, the bankers are good old boys, who pay their debts and make things work for all of us. Good old boys, is an enduring misnomer for glad-handing, backstabbing mutants, with sucker-pods for hands. The stink that attends them can only be accounted for by the certainty that they climbed up inside their own assholes and died; metaphorically speaking. Of course, soul death is very different from ordinary death and occasionally guarantees rebirth as a lump of coal.
Craven excesses at the top, insure corruption all through the descending ranks but this is all for the purpose of display. The face of Janus Napolitano is a black hole of negativity. One wonders what strange things pass through her demented consciousness. Homeland Insecurity has 225,000 employees. They’re making America safe for the Velociraptors. Across the pond, history repeats itself because the people who manufacture history, are not big on outsourcing, or any form of entrepreneurial co-opting, or interference. The point of the cycles of financial boom and bust, all of which are totally engineered, is to keep the people both off balanced and indentured. If they somehow wind up with too much equity in their house, the equity gets vigorously reduced. If wages become too high, for the desired profit margins, unemployment is introduced, along with cheap immigrant labor, manufacturing is off-shored and labor unions are then threatened, while being painted in a bad light in the elite media. This is how you get slime-balls like Scott Walker, financed by crocodile swine like the Koch Brothers, with the intent of destroying the unions.
Of course, a country flourishes with a prosperous middle class and labor unions, when they are not crime laundries, are a good thing. Everyone makes out and the people at the top also make a lot of money …because they make a lot of money anyway but… they don’t make an obscene amount of money. The kind of money that can only be made in tandem with the literal destruction of the country in which it is taking place. Now, whether they know this after one fashion or another, whether they think they’ll be able to arm their citadel, until the great purge and numbers reduction has taken place; these and many imponderables are whatever they are. The essential qualities of these people are those of a crocodile swine. They have no empathetic nature. They have no conscience. They have no fraternal resonance. This needs to be understood. You need to know what you’re dealing with.
I am no advocate of violence, although I recognize the conditions and circumstances that make it a necessity, when peaceful revolution fails, as it often does. My ongoing advised opinion, is that the people should simply step back from the machine, gather in large silent crowds of thunderous protest, refuse to serve in every area of corporate and government activity, or work subversively within the system, gumming up the works. There are all sorts of creative ways to bring the beast to its knees. The cosmos is on the side of the righteous and never more so than in times like these, despite all appearances to the contrary. Never buy into the power of appearances. They are bullshit. They are designed to kill faith and amplify fear. Contrary to what many people may think, basic human psychology has been understood for a long time. Powerful agencies, think tanks and research facilities are at work on methods of manipulation full time. The whole concept of Maya implies deception as the essential nature of it. For reasons that have been gone into at length around here, the universe traps you, in order for there to be something to free you from. Most people aren’t happy about this either, like Karma, it seems basically unfair. I’m not immune to some agreement about that. I often don’t understand the reason behind why some things happen to me, or why I am reduced to various kinds of extremity and surround sound oppositional force. Sometimes I think, if this is what happens when the infinite loves me, how bad can it be if I was hated (grin)?
So, I understand the fatalism and no exit state of so many people. I once believed that my life would iron out at a certain point and definitely by now, yet the last 3 years have been among the worst I have known and yesterday morning had to qualify as some kind of extreme nadir. I was standing in the kitchen this morning, puzzling it out, reflecting back at the truth of the course and not any romanticized interpretation of it and I was just baffled by my optimistic bent and even more baffled at what it is that keeps me going. It’s truly an enigma. That said, ignore what I just said because I don’t know anything and probably don’t see things as they really are anyway. I also can’t see ahead to any great degree. I’m guessing that some particular state of absolute helplessness is necessary for a particular epiphany.
Onward we go with this personal saga of “The Little Engine that Could”. One doesn’t want to presume that the course of the track seems to be straight but that there is a gradual curve which returns the engine to it’s starting place. The mind refuses to accept the familiarity of certain landscapes, repeating their appearance but… is this a good thing or a bad thing? That’s the point. What is the actual value and meaning of anything? I assume that that becomes clear when one obtains the right lens and that lens is in the hands of the unknown stranger; The Mysterious Stranger. Mark Twain had his own ideas about all of these things and it might be understating the case to call him a cynic. I am not a cynic, though by all rights I should be. Something is happening outside of my sight line and perception level that has a very strong impact on me, severely counter to the things I experience. I guess I’ll have to go with that for the moment.
Yes, I think one of the main stumbling blocks in all of our hearts and minds, is the general perception of how things are. In the case of the general population, it creates a massive sucking drain on the spirits of those partially awakened. It makes the skies gray. One has to factor all of this in, when considering how one feels in the day to day. Meanwhile, you see the case of people, like mobbed up Jon Corzine (courtesy of the slowest loading site on the internet-grin) and you have to hypothecate things like this as well. Slowly and not too surely, given past track records, things are turning against the bad guys. Eric Holder, whose real job is that of defense attorney for Wall Street …and it’s thug population, has created a situation where people of a certain rank in the scheme of things, are finally forced to take corrective actions. This ground swell will soon become an uproar. The time comes when conditions force the issue and suddenly the tide turns. Everything is on the clock. No hour is the same. The quality and quantity of light and darkness are different. Eventually, you get the right combination of the year, the season, the hour of the day and bingo! The Emperor of Ice Cream, begins to melt in his Armani suit. “I’m melting! I’m melting”!
Another day, another blog posting, as opposed to the normal, ‘another day, another dollar’. The world, like Humpty Dumpty, is sitting on a ledge as the kinetic contemplates the potential below. I’m thinking that doesn’t make any sense electrically (or does it?) but it needed to get said. Not much of what the world presents of late and even less that the merchants of doom are up to, makes sense, so why should I be required to (grin)? However, it is my considered opinion that everything will make sense when Reality rises up out of the surrounding swamp of illusion. That’s what awakening is all about.
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(Thank you one and all for the tremendous outpouring of support yesterday. It was far in excess of any expectations I had and it’s doubtful I will get along to thanking you all individually. Suffice to say that it was both humbling and mind-blowing at the same time. Once again, thank you very much.)
There will be a radio show this weekend whenever I can get around to it.
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