Voice of the White House October 26, 2006

“The most important issue being discussed in the White House, aside from Rove’s evil attacks on black Democrats, is the war in Iraq. The articles on the Falcon disaster drew at least a quarter million viewers and has not made your Mr. Harring a popular person at the Pentagon. As I understand it, a number of DoD employees were drafted into service, writing fake emails allegedly from Iraq denying the entire business but at this point, the public has gotten wise to such things as they are wising up to the federal blogger who always seem to have some sensational “news” to trumpet after some terrible government failure. Many of the more prominent bloggers take money for this sort of thing and can certainly be expected to accuse Harring of having sex with the mother of his own children. He did such a good job that I passed him some material on the activation of the National Guard that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld have cooked up for after the elections. I decided to let Mr. Harring have all of this because it is his field and I am now working on another matter.”

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