Pussy Riot – Band or Propaganda Ploy?

Marcos – henrymakow.com August 21, 2012

Notice the Marxist clinched fist and the motto "no pasarán"on T-shirt, made famous by the Spanish Communist Party and the Sandinistas of Nicaragua

It is not something we see everyday: the entire western media, pop stars like Sting, Madonna and Macartney running amok over an obscure Russian punk girlie band. The left wing newspaper Guardian in London screams “It is worse than the Soviet era”, and is echoed by one of the bastions of neocons in America, Freedom House, through its director Susan Corke.

The group is called Pussy Riot, and they were arrested for hooliganism and desecration of the Moscow Cathedral, singing blasphemous verses, and attacking president Putin. Last week, they have been sentenced to two years in jail. They were not condemned for their political views, which they have freely expressed many times before.

Pussy Riot is not a band They have never recorded a CD, never played in a show. In fact, they are a radical communist group, that loves Karl Marx and performs in honor of Che Guevara’s birthday. They are a branch of the extremist group “Voina”, (the word means war), that is known for many disgusting and even dangerous agit-prop actions since 2002. Here is an article describing their obscene stunts.  Now there is strong evidence that they have been supported by agencies from the western elite.

It is interesting to notice that most countries have similar laws against attacks on religion, including England, where the penalty is even more severe, the US and even Brazil, where the action can result in one year of jail time. 

Global Campaign Against Religion and Morality

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