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Reflections in a Petri Dish – August 21, 2012

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Let’s see, 1387 postings, 150 radio shows. That’s around 2,300,000 words in the blogs and about 400,000 for the radio shows. So, make it around 3,000,000, give or take. I don’t know how many words the books have, anyway, a lot of words. Words make me tired but what are the options? A different collection of symbols every day; sort of like Prince blogging? A succession of empty pages, some kind of Zen blogger? Of course, each empty page would be different but not everyone would get that. How about pictures? That would mean I could already be up and well over 3 billion words, given that a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s only if I only use one picture per blog posting. As you can see, I have a lot to think about. This might answer that burning question of what I do with my days. The nights are no different and that brings us to a particular consideration that most people don’t consider; the act of thinking.
The power of our minds is extremely dilute for a couple of reasons; the nature of the things we think about, because this is Kali Yuga and…the frequency of thought. If a person would employ the techniques that have been presented here over time and by others long before I started doing it, your problems, of every kind, would be solved. It’s a simple process. You don’t let anything stay in your mind that you didn’t summon there or which didn’t arrive from a trusted location. You can look at it the way you look at verified signatures on your computer. The gentle snorting that attends the expulsion of cycling thought forms is simply a form of punctuation. One can find variations more suitable if you don’t like what’s on offer.
When you are in control of what passes through your mind, you’re in control of your world and also the things that come and go in it. As simple as the process is, it is no easy feat because habitual patterns are habitual and that means they have a tendency to return. All of these patterns have power commensurate with the time they have been in operation and the frequency of their occurrence. They have a certain size and insistence of force and that is because they have been fed, just like you feed a pet, or a wild creature. You feed them with your attention, sometimes you feed them with your desire and that can appear to be of different aspects but it’s all sexual force. There are only a few ways to dispense with these things and I’ll just put one on offer today because it is the most immediately accessible and anyone who wants to can do it. You stop feeding them. They won’t like that so they will be demanding and let you know, just like a pet would. Of course they can be intimidating but one has to gain the firm assurance that one is stronger than anything that can be presented in a thought form; “greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world”. So, outside of some withdrawal symptoms, success is assured.
The main problem, which arises in respect of success, is consistency of application and this is due to a divided will. It’s the old ‘house set against itself’ thing. Because of the nature of the times, if a person can practice what is presented here, the flow of their energy will soon begin to reverse itself, since the usual point of transit is no longer an option. This will shortly put you into conscious contact with your teacher and from there you don’t have to worry about the course of the chariot anymore. After a certain point you don’t have to be concerned about good and evil because such distinctions no longer apply. The purpose of the whole affair, beside self realization and progressive serenity is having to do with Karma.
Karma is inexorable and managing the processing of it is a critical thing. What a teacher; master, guardian angel or guide does is variable but it all has to do with the most rapid and expedient dissolution of Karma. The usual route of dealing with Karma is a tedious and painful affair; “all life is suffering, caused by ignorant desire”. The cycling nature of the thing is most accurately described as a wheel of fire.
There are a few things that get in your way when trying to get out of your way because you are the primary problem to begin with. One of the basic problems is in believing that the world is real, while not believing that that, which is more real than the world, is real. Our reflexive addiction to the report of the sense is strong. Therefore our faith is weak because it is already misplaced upon things that cannot deliver what is needed. There is no there there and never will be. “Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things unseen”. Bringing one’s mind to the point where one has certitude is a key element. Once this is established, success can be very speedy because not only is the opposition diminished but the force of forward progress is increased at the same time. If you can do the math you will see what I mean.
Occasionally a master will take upon him/herself the Karma of the disciple. This kind of grace is most desirable and there are ways to acquire it. Simple reflection should provide a sufficient answer. The master and the indwelling self, knows the most expedient route to liberation. There are certain mysteries attendant to discharging your Karma. It’s not as difficult and arduous as most people imagine and other avenues present themselves to one as they continue on the path.
A lot of people have trouble with the concept of Karma. They don’t like it. They see it as unfair and unjust. This is a problem. People have difficulty accepting things as they are and that is a real hindrance. There are any number of unpleasant truths that we refuse to accept. Some of the things we see and hear about in these times are pretty distressing but… you have to understand the reason for Kali Yuga in the first place. This is the period of the flaming landfill. This is the time when long outstanding debts and rare and truly wonderful possibilities come together on the same landscape. Debts outstanding, from many former periods, show up for resolution. It’s no accident that such an enormous collection of souls are here. If only they knew what was possible for them. This is perhaps the greatest tragedy of all. It’s also why there is such a smorgasbord of nasty treats on the buffet table. It’s definitely an ‘all you can eat’ affair. It’s a ‘consume until you puke’ vomitorium of excess. People don’t make the connection between The Garden of Earthly Delights and that other garden. They are victims of misplaced values and the smoldering rage that is manufactured by the sense of frustration and disappointment in all things not being sufficient to fulfillment makes helping people to see things as they are, a dicey affair.
Many people are very angry because none of it is what it cracks up to be. False advertising is everywhere. It’s all wearing eye shadow and a very short skirt and it’s saying, “Hello Sailor”. Then you find out it fucks like a Teletubbie and has the personality of a rock or maybe a Chatty Kathy doll. There’s a reason for the occasional use of certain language, simply because this is just the sort of objectionable stuff that uptight, dogma and cant-righteous souls carry around with them on their ‘holier than thou’ Quixote crusades.
People have various windows of opportunity and that’s Karma dependent too. After a point they get locked in and just repeat themselves and things become chronic. This really is a mental institution. I’m not just saying that. It is. As has been stated, one of the major problems is that the psychiatrists, nurses and attendants are even sicker than the patients.
I remember the first time I took LSD. Before I took it I had a head full of things I had learned in books. There were 4 males and 3 females in the apartment. As the acid came on I found myself looking at the young ladies and the most remarkable transformation occurred in my perceptions. Where before I had seen these ladies as desirable points of interest, my eyes suddenly opened and what I saw was frightened, insecure creatures whose makeup was melting and running down their faces. There was a temporarily famous Greenwich Village poet there named Leslie Irish, not a nice fellow. His goatish nature was illuminated in a surreal light. Let’s see… there was a guitar player named Rusty Clark and a bass player named Lou Findley. I began laughing with the deepest sense of liberation, something beyond anything I had ever felt before. Nothing that I had previously thought was important was important anymore. Very few of the things I had learned until then had any meaning and the freedom in getting that was indescribable. An ocean of information flowed through my mind as the subconscious gave up some of the things that had been locked away.
It got into evening and as there were 3 ladies and 4 guys, Leslie Irish was mentating about Goat Boy Country. He started making a gesture of his finger, rotating around a non existent wrist watch, a sign to me that it was time for my ♫bootheels to be wandering♫ I found this amusing in the extreme because I had zero interest in the pending festivities and was very anxious to be off into the night with my brand new mind. The last thing I wanted was to be doing the human trampoline, horizontal hula. I walked out into the night and it was like being in a fairytale, not to mention that I would have the apartment to myself as well. That was another thing I saw that night, how people have different priorities. Sex just about never crossed my mind on acid, unless it was congress with the gods or observed as a dynamic process in the cosmos.
I’m out of sync blogwise. This is certainly no Petri Dish posting but I’ll stick it in there anyway because the traffic is higher (grin).
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