NSA Tries to Recruit James Casbolt

James has just decided to go public with some highly sensitive information in order to protect himself and his loved ones. I will give a brief chronological explanation of the recent events, and I will provide you with sensitive documents that James has withheld from the public until now.

[James is currently in a period of recovery and will soon be writing an article to detail these recent developments. Updates are soon to come.]

On or about October 10th, 2006, James phoned me to give me the shocking details of Dean Warwick’s death on stage at the UFO conference he had just attended. (See the NEWS section of the website for details of Dean’s death.) James was shaken and quite disturbed by what he had witnessed that weekend, but just as disturbing was what happened at his home the day before the conference. While James did not hesitate to go public with the events surrounding Dean’s death, he has kept certain propositions secret because his life was threatened.

On October 5th, 2006, two days before the conference, James received the following email:

From : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent : 05 October 2006 09:34:01
To : jamescasbolt@hotmail.co.uk
Subject : RE: P1 P2 Bill and Bob Bennet

Greetings Brother James

P2 correct! HK controlled by walk-in Melthraazur from Procyon

P1 is Brother Brezinski but he is not a walk in. Brother Brezinski [ 33degree Zion] has incarnated from Sirius to fulfill obligations to the Shadow empire.

We also know that you are keeping these correspondences secret as we have your keyboard tapped. You have also been tailed by our security team {wackenhut forces cloaked and escorted by zetan sentries ] so do not attempt anything so foolish. Others have regretted such actions. Journalist Danny Casolaro also came too close to our Octopus

xxxxxxxx has your info and will release it uipon OUR orders.

Not much time left before FINAL SOLUTION and chipping program implemented and destined to be achieved before Dec 22nd 2012.

Brother Casbolt..May we ask you to please consider joining our army of Lucifer.. We admire your courage and believe you would make an excellent servant of the Light. Consider this offer. What may be your price?

Caecus Barathrum Contumelia

xxxxxxxxx _ ACTION

The following day, James describes what he saw outside his home:

‘I saw the craft at 2.00am on the 6th of Oct. I was sitting in my front room and all of a sudden felt compelled to go and look out of the window. The craft was positioned in the sky near my local beach and hung motionless and then started to make erratic flight manoeuvres at multiple G’s. It was quite far away but looked like it could of been triangular in shape. I woke my girlfriend up and she also witnessed this craft. It was pulsating with a red light and also glowed white at some points. It did this for around fifteen minutes and then disappeared. This craft seemed to be putting on some sort of show. I did not have a camera handy at the time. I received the email from the NSA two hours later saying they had sent it.’

James can contacted at jamescasbolt@hotmail.co.uk