The Coming Mass Expulsion of Jews from Britain

Readers of this site will no doubt know that some highly-placed Jews in Britain are helping to inflame a massive campaign of hate and vilification aimed at law-abiding Muslims living legally in Britain. What they most probably do not know is that, in accordance with the still lawfully binding Edict of Expulsion (1290), no Jew is legally permitted to live or work in any part of the United Kingdom. It is strictly forbidden.

With the recent sharp increase in anti-Muslim terrorism, the fire-bombing and stoning of mosques and vicious acts of violence directed at Muslim women peaceably going about their business, all of which is the direct consequence of a carefully calculated, hate-filled government strategy and the Jewish-owned media’s vindictive, fear-mongering cascade of lies, this writer has taken it upon himself to demand the immediate re-enforcement of the Edict of Expulsion of the Jews.

Please find below a letter written and sent to Britain’s most senior police officer, Sir Ian Warwick Blair, which was in turn copied and forwarded to the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth, and the Director of Public Prosecutions at the Crown Prosecution Service, Ken Macdonald QC. I furnish it here in the hope that British readers will use it as the basis for their own letters to independent-minded newspaper editors, genuinely incorruptible representatives and law enforcement officials in the United Kingdom. They are entirely free to change the format and the wording to suit their intended recipients.

Nothing contained in the letter constitutes a “hate crime”. In fact, the letter itself represents an exhortation to those in authority to do their duty and correct rampant lawlessness by means of the judicious enforcement of an extremely important parliamentary statute that brought untold benefits to the English people in the past. Nobody can be prosecuted for demanding that policemen do their duty and arrest criminals who flaunt our honourable laws. Indeed, it is they who fail to do so who allow hatred to fester unchecked.

If there be zero tolerance for law-breakers, the British people will happily find themselves free of the criminal psychopathology practised by scheming Jews that has warped and distorted our traditional way of life to resemble a nightmare parody of a culture in catastrophic decline. It should always be remembered that it was these self-same Jews who, over many decades and by means of a vast plethora of pernicious globalist lobbies and their stranglehold on our government, civil service and television media, opened the floodgates to immigration from the non-Celtic and non-Saxon nations of the world.

Let’s place the blame for our current woes fairly and squarely upon the shoulders of those who have, by stealth and with malice aforethought, manipulated and deceived us into surrendering our natural birthrights and into accepting a vastly reduced quality of life in an ever-expanding police state. And, having done so, let us remove them and their kind from our blessed nation and dispatch them post-haste to their ethnic Jewish Ashkenazim place of origin, which today is geographically situated within the jurisdiction of Kazakhstan (not occupied Palestine).

Only then can we, the Celtic and Saxon peoples, ever hope to regain control of our own country and destiny, and make an amicable settlement with Muslims who respectfully wish to remain on our hallowed soil under a new covenant explicitly predicated upon the virtuous primacy of the fair Gaelic culture of the British Isles.

For the sake of my nation and my people, I intend to see this through. Please join me.


Dear Sir Ian

In the light of public concern arising from issues related to racial integration and symbols of religious separation, I would like to draw your attention to a serious breach of the law in regard to a large number of illegal aliens resident in the United Kingdom, some of whom are presently engaged in subversive activities prejudicial to public order, the British Crown and the defence of the realm.

Let me warn you that a significant number of these illegal aliens have managed to inveigle themselves into positions of high influence within the British government, civil service, judiciary, the City of London and the print and electronic media. I therefore urge you, ahead of any unforeseen disclosures, to act swiftly to pre-empt any clandestine sophistry on the part of these criminals.

One such felon is Jack Straw, a man who, in direct contravention of British law, holds the position of Leader of the House of Commons. Under provisions that still command the full and inviolable force of the law as stipulated under the Edict of Expulsion of the Jews (1290), Mr Straw, a Jew currently engaged in a racist campaign of vilification against women of the Muslim faith, is entitled to neither domicile nor employment in the United Kingdom. As a former foreign secretary who played an enabling role in the illegal invasion of Iraq and the consequent slaughter of around 655,000 Iraqi citizens, he also stands guilty of war crimes, for which he must and will be prosecuted.

Other illegal aliens who constitute a fifth column and hold senior and advisory positions within Her Majesty’s Government and associated bodies are Lord Goldsmith, Lord Levy, Peter Mandelson, David Miliband, Lord Sainsbury, Harry Cohen, Loiuse Ellman, Margaret Hodge, Gerald Kaufman, Gilliam Merron, Barabara Roche and many more too numerous to list. I should also mention that your nominal superior, the Home Secretary, John Reid, is also married to a Jew, requiring of you his immediate arrest and the expulsion of his wife from the United Kingdom. This is to make no mention of the thousands of Jewish lobbyists, lawyers and PR executives who bring their malign influence to bear on the governance of our nation.

That such vast numbers of scofflaws continue to live and work illegally in the United Kingdom (no doubt laughing in secret at the easy manipulability of honest British citizens), makes not only a mockery of the rule of law, it also nullifies the legitimacy of all institutions within the United Kingdom, including the police service. Unless this law is enforced quickly and without prejudice or political favour, all other laws are ipso facto defunct and require no observance on the part of the British people. The implications are frightening.

The Edict of Expulsion, a popular and just decree issued by King Edward the First, requiring the immediate divestiture and permanent expulsion of Jews without financial compensation, and thereafter ratified on numerous occasions by a grateful Parliament, has never been repealed and thus remains an actionable statute. Despite occasional overtures on the part of the illegal and misnamed Board of Deputies of “British” Jews, Her Majesty the Queen has explicitly refused to rescind this most perfect legislation, and one can only surmise that she has done so for good reason.

This law was introduced to deal with ritual murder, abuses relating to the Jewish-Atonistic system of usury and the way in which Jews were found to be defrauding the common people by means of “clipping the coinage”. There is much evidence to suggest that such practices are still common today among those of the Jewish banking and financial fraternity, albeit in the form of digitized fraud and corruption. Lord Levy, currently on bail, is a most able representative of such nefarious activities.

I am also anxious to remind you that many of these illegal residents provide moral and financial assistance to terrorists in furtherance of a Jihadist creed known as Zionism, which is in part justified by Judaism, a militant religion predicated upon the principles of racial supremacy and genocide and encoded in that vile, anti-human tome, the Torah. Although most Jews seem to live peaceably among the citizens of our unwitting host nation, adherents of the Zionist cause are given over to a virulent fanaticism that has by way of deception led, and still leads, to the deaths of countless young British soldiers in various conflicts around the world, including the present geopolitical wars of avarice in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Furthermore, the Jewish terrorist groups responsible for the assassination of Lord Moyne, the murderous attack on the King David Hotel, Operation Suzannah, and a whole swathe of mind-boggling false flag operations that took the lives of British soldiers and civilians without remorse or remission were, as you well know, covertly financed by Jewish financial concerns within the City of London; and you should have no reason to suppose that the subsumption of those groups by the Mossad organisation has materially changed the nature and intent of such anti-British terrorism.

Although a complete list of the heinous transgressions and serious felonies instigated by this reviled and detested cult of Zionism is far too long for me to enumerate in the space of this simple letter, I would be only too happy to make my research available to you upon request, including a very long tally of crimes committed by influential Jews that have somehow escaped the attention of the British police. In the meantime, I suggest that you implement a simple search on the vast network of police and intelligence databases now deployed to capture personal information on almost every resident in the United Kingdom by using any combination of the following keywords: Mossad, Sayan, international drugs trafficking, child pornography, Zionism, snuff movies, Cult of Aton, sex slavery, false flag terrorism, Noachide laws, Talmud, blackmail, 911, financial fraud. I am satisfied that the results displayed on your monitor will extend far beyond anything you had ever dreamed possible in this hideously deformed world of ours.

You may now be asking yourself how it is that such evil takes shape in the minds of men. Please bear with me, for the following information is essential to understanding why you must enforce the law in a way that will not encumber the long-suffering people of Palestine with yet more viciously genocidal Jews riding in on their brand-new Caterpillar bulldozers.

As an educated knight of the realm fully aware of the historical context, you will be only too familiar with the fallacious nature of the astro-theological religion of Judaism (Cult of Aton), a perfidious ideology based upon myths and fables stolen from the folkloric treasure houses of the venerable Egyptian Mystery Schools of old, all of which were inspired by that most ancient and superlative of high civilisations, the Gaelic Celts, a Druidic people inhabiting the British Isles who not only developed the purest form of religion known to mankind (true metaphysical Christianity and natural law), but who also devised and spoke into life the sacred Sanskrit and Hebrew languages thousands of years before they were known to the rest of the world by way of seaborne trade.

In addition to the disgraceful theft of astro-theological ideas nuanced by our ancestors at the dawn of the present age, this highly devious subculture, which today identifies itself as “Levitical Jews”, drew upon a litany of implausible stories spanning centuries of oral history, each yarn passed along from one generation to the next in the fashion of Chinese whispers, growing ever more fantastical in the breadth and scope of its epic nature. Thus, the shabby criminal exploits of illiterate warlords presiding over a handful of itinerant rapists and sheep-jockeys living hand-to-mouth in mud and wattle shacks were transformed into blockbuster tales of incomparably wise kings and a holy, chosen people living in civic splendour on a shining hill.

It is upon the basis of the demonic and laughable claims made in the fictitious, plagiarizing and wrong-sided occult Torah that the current state of Israel was fraudulently conceived in 1948. In an age when scientists are able to analyse the fossilized faecal matter of dinosaurs to determine what they ate for breakfast millions of years ago, modern archaeologists equipped with the same technology are hard-pressed to find the slightest evidence for any of the events described in this Jewish comic book of bedside stories, and where they have, none of the material correlates with the timelines given by the “scribes” or is found to belong to a different, altogether more productive and civilised culture.

After a century of intense archaeological endeavour, today lavishly funded by the state of Israel (the American taxpayer), the search for evidence of a unitary Davidic kingdom and the so-called ancient Israelites has uncovered nothing more than a few scattered farm settlements and some bric-a-brac and pottery of Philistine origin. Quite clearly, we are dealing with world-class confidence tricksters who possess an uncanny penchant for falsifying history and making the rest of us believe it.

This is very important. Since most of these charlatans illegally resident in the United Kingdom are of Ashkenazim extraction and have no connection with the so-called Holy Land, I suggest that you discuss with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office the possibility of deporting these offenders to that region of the world from whence they originally came, which today falls under the political jurisdiction of Kazakhstan. Should you require any assistance in this matter, I would be more than delighted to help by contacting representatives of the Kazakhstan government myself.

Needless to say, the Edict of Expulsion provides for the total divestiture of Jews, including all property and financial assets. The costs pertaining to deportation could be deducted quite handily from the expected billions delivered to the public exchequer. It would then fall within the remit of the courts to determine how much, if any, of that revenue should be apportioned to the deportees in the form of a gracious resettlement allowance.

Please note that I have also written to Her Majesty the Queen and the Director of Public Prosecutions, Ken Macdonald QC, to inform them that you will soon have this matter firmly in hand and to allay them of any fears that their confidence in you may prove less than justified.

Indeed, in the knowledge that you are, in your capacity as Britain’s most senior police chief, a gentleman of integrity who is jealously committed to enforcing the law of the land, I am adequately assured that you will honour your oaths to the British Crown and Her Majesty the Queen in rigorously implementing the constabulary duties necessary to the swift expulsion of all Jews from the United Kingdom.

Yours sincerely

Michael James
British expatriate citizen
[Address supplied]


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Michael James is a British freelance journalist and translator, resident in Germany for over 14 years. All of his internet articles are public domain and permission to republish his work in any media is freely granted.

Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland