Gen. Dempsey in Afghanistan over Blue-on-Green Attacks

New Brief – News Brief August 20, 2012

The Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff has flown to Afghanistan amid growing concern on the mounting number of Blue-on-Green assaults.
The frequency of Blue-on-Green incidents – when Afghan security personnel turn their weapons on International Security Assistance Force members (ISAF) – has been mounting steadily in recent months.
Last year a total of 35 ISAF members were killed in Blue-on-Green incidents.
So far this year Afghan security force members have killed 40 ISAF personnel. The mounting number of Green-on-Blue incidents has caused concern among the western military command and General Dempsey has told reporters that it will be the main focus of his visit.
On Saturday, U.S. Defence Chief Leon Panetta is reported to have telephoned Afghan President Karzai to voice his concern over tensions between ISAF forces and their Afghan allies.
In the latest blue-on-green incident an Afghan in policeman shot and killed a NATO soldier in southern Afghanistan Sunday, the military said.
Before landing at the sprawling US air base in Bagram, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey told reporters the rise in the attacks would be the main focus of his meetings with ISAF members and their Afghan counterparts.
“As far as the insider threat, of course that’s going to be a topic,” Dempsey told AFP and Fox News.
Despite more stringent vetting procedures for recruiting Afghan security force members the number disaffected in the ranks of local security forces appears to be growing, together with the increasing number of blue-on-green assaults.
In the past two weeks alone Afghan security personnel have killed a total of 10 ISAF members.
Two American soldiers were killed in a blue-on-green incident on Friday, a week after six were killed in a single day on August 10.
The total green-on-blue toll now makes up 13 percent of all ISAF deaths this year, according to a tally of total deaths kept by the website
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