America’s Media-Driven Descent Into Depravity

“…We aspire to corrupt in order to govern… We have taken from the people all the gods of heaven and earth, which had their homage. We have torn from them their religious faith, their faith in monarchy, their honesty and their family virtues…” (Giuseppe Mazzini, 1805-1872, Revolutionary, Founder of Italian Freemasonry and the Mafia)

Many prime time TV programmes today would have been considered obscene just 20 years ago. They present outrageous and shocking behavior as if it were normal and create cognitive dissonance. Thus they condition us to accept depravity as the new societal norm.

Thursday at 8p.m. I sat down with my wife to watch one of her favorite shows, NBC’s “My Name is Earl” starring Jason Lee.

My wife likes this show because it deals with morality or “karma.” The premise is that Earl has a list of people he has wronged and believes he will be rewarded if he makes it right with each one.

Thursday’s episode may have been a departure but what a jaw-dropping one! It was a sneak attack in what Senator Jesse Helms called the “systematic psychological warfare” the Eastern Establishment is waging against the American people.

Wrongdoing: Earl had sexual intercourse with the mother of his good friend Ralph.

Flashback: He and Ralph have a band. One night after a gig they were partying at Ralph’s house with some female groupies. Ralph’s mother served rice crispy squares. Everyone else wore nothing but their underwear.

Eventually the group paired off to have sex. (The new party norm?) However Earl’s partner had passed out. Not to worry. Ralph’s mother, a woman in her fifties, came on to Earl and he was too drunk to resist.

Monkey see; monkey do. Call me old fashioned but this portrayal degrades our image of motherhood and family, something the Illuminati-owned mass media want to happen. (The Illuminati is the top rung of Freemasonry) When motherhood is degraded, we are all degraded.

Readers inform me that often recurring themes on prime time TV are incest, intergenerational and gay-lesbian sex and even bestiality.

Ralph resolves to kill Earl and gives his friend 12 hours to settle his affairs.

Earl appeals to Ralph’s mother. Sure she’ll speak to her son; Ralph will do anything for her but, in return, Earl will have to provide regular stud service.

Please do not mistake this for a porn flick. This is prime-time TV watched by children and their parents.

Resigned to his fate, Earl visits his parents to say goodbye. To his surprise, he finds Ralph alone with his mother. Ralph is wearing nothing but a bathrobe. (He “spilled” some tomato juice on his pants.) Ralph has determined that he can avoid killing Earl by having sex with Earl’s mother. When Earl’s mother bends over to get something, Ralph makes suggestive sex doggy-style gestures. Earl apparently is so morally compromised he cannot intervene.(Similarly, I wonder if anyone expressed their disgust to NBC.)

Off camera, Ralph gropes Earl’s mother’s breasts. Flustered she comes rushing out and leaves the house. Ralph describes how he came up behind her and grabbed them in an “under over” action.

Ralph now determines that Earl can live if he/ marries/ his mother. The wedding takes place and Earl is expected to consummate the marriage. Not being drunk he doesn’t want to.

The tables have turned. Now Ralph is threatening to kill Earl if he doesn’t have sex with his mother. At this point I switched channels.

You can see an excerpt from this episode at the show’s NBC website.

Listen carefully and you’ll hear Ralph say to Earl, “Don’t touch me with the hand with which you fondled my mother.”

When a man wants to really offend and insult another, this is what he says he’ll do. Earl has broken a visceral human taboo yet the show treats it as if he had broken a favorite fishing rod. As Luciferians, the Illuminati wish to break all natural and spiritual taboos in the name of “freedom” and “rebellion,” no matter how destructive and dysfunctional this is. “Do what thou wilt,” is their motto.

Last week, President Bush apparently was granted power to suspend Habeas Corpus and throw anyone he disliked into jail. There is evidence he was complicit in 9-11. Now you know why Americans are paralyzed to act. Like Earl, we are so morally compromised we cannot defend Mother Liberty.

America is in the grip of a satanic sex cult that “corrupts in order to govern.” Unconsciously we have been inducted into this cult.

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Henry Makow Ph.D. is the author of “A Long Way to go for a Date.” His articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.