How Satanism Works

Alan Gardner – August 17, 2012

For some, the portal to the service of Satan is through the college fraternity or the lodge.
A young man is approached to join a fraternity. His character is evaluated to see what are his moral limits. If his ambition exceeds his patriotism, belief in goodness or allegiance to his loved ones, he is a candidate for Satanism.
It is similar in the lodge. A man is invited to join the ‘blue lodge’ and monitored to see how ambitious he is.Is he content to become a Master or third degree Mason or is he someone who can be groomed to go further?
Those who are seeking power and influence rise up through the degrees taking increasingly bloodthirsty oaths and promises.
There are many obsessive-compulsions that make one vulnerable to Satan’s power.
The most obvious obsessive behaviors are related to food, alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Equally potent, are violent and pornographic video games and movies.
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