Voice of the White House October 18, 2006

“The bottom has basically fallen out of Rove’s Super Plan for a permanent Republican Majority and an Imperial President project. Bush has fucked up so badly and so often that nothing can save him from what he justly deserves: oblivion. Lies, schemes, arrogance and a complete unwillingness to negotiate have not only destroyed Bush but done terrible damage to the so-called Conservative Image. He promised much and delivered little. Bush will do that. He tells the religious nuts he will ban gay marriage and abortion and then go off on some other little game he has invented, leaving his frustrated staff to sooth the outraged religious confidence tricksters. They have finally realized that not only has Bush not followed through after they in essence got him elected twice but can’t do anything now if he wanted to. Campaign money is shifting from the Republicans, who are seen as big losers, to the Democrats. Many Republican Congressmen are openly courting their Democratic opponents and all of them are ignoring Bush. What will happen if Bush loses Congress? As far as he is concerned, nothing. He doesn’t pay any attention to Congress now, laughing at their legislation and refusing to enforce laws he doesn’t like so if he can’t get any legislation through, he will simply make it up and do what he wants.

He is setting the scene for a major confrontation that can only end in disaster. He wants to call up all the National Guards from every state and ship every one of them off to Iraq. He wants to recall every soldier with combat experience who had left the service since 2003 and has encouraged the recruiting officers to take ex-convicts, high school drop outs and ghetto sweepings in the hopes that mere numbers will terrify the rest of the world with America’s military might. George doesn’t seem to realize that the rest of the world holds us all in contempt and derision because they know we couldn’t attack Tijuana, let alone Iran or North Korea. To put the cherry on the top of the rotten sundae that includes Katrina indifference, WMD bald faced lies, torture on order, undeclared and very expensive war, we have the failed push to knock out the resistance in Baghdad, a raging civil war in that city and now the destruction of our supplies and a rapidly escalating daily casualty rate. As Talleyrand said once, it’s worse than a crime. It’s a mistake.”

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