Mesmer-Bots in the Department of the Depraved

Smoking Mirrors – August 16, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
There are several things that are prime indicators of End Times. End Times are also Beginning Times but the latter is only relevant to those, whose focus is beyond the summation lines, of the age in resolution. In most case, this is a coded DNA but nothing would make much sense, if there were no latitude for transitioning among the somnambulists, which is the essential wind beneath the wings of Mr. Apocalypse, whose walking stick is also a summoning stick, tuned to the vibrations of the new Earth. There is a gap in time and conditions, between the vibration of what is and what is to come. Since there is no Moon, adjustments have to be made, between the movie playing on the Jumbotron and the one playing in your head. The Moon is the transmitter that programs the alterations being acted out on the false Earth and the resonance in the heads of the mentally ill, is caused by the bite of the Lunatick, which waits on the leaves of the high grass and injects nanotech Mesmer-bots, into the blood stream of those whose immune system has not been upgraded to include ignorance and dum-assmentia. I’ll say no more on the matter, until it comes up again, like gorge rising, which unlike what is not there, does rise in the yeast and sets in the Jello, translucent to some but opaque to the blue screen heads.
Anyway, as I was saying, before I digressed at right angles to everything else, there are prime indicators of End Times. We have a veritable Whitman’s Sampler, of evidence in this regard and the list is long. Meanwhile, Mr. Apocalypse is turning the ancient subterfuge specialists into mouthpieces for the truth, whether they like it or not. Not to be outdone in the Department of the Depraved, the Rottweiler Pope and company are in Foul Hoenig Heaven. Another indicator for End Times is random and callous violence; always an exemplifier of materialism predominating uber alles. One hopes they will be schooled in the same, at their next point of residence. I realize that goes counter to the remonstrations of The Good Book but Karma will have its say, whether you forgive them or not. We’re reaching new lows in communication, via the conduit of anonymity and therefore proving the old saw that “Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”, depending of course on the shape of their asses or the awareness level of the one walking alongside them.
Speaking of asses, this shout out to stupid and dictator indulgence, disappeared a couple of weeks ago but now it’s back, because probably everyone forgot in the meantime. Speaking of Depravity and Indulgence, how often are we seeing things like this these days? It’s too bad in these times of austerity, where Banker Indulgences rival and surpass anything going on with the organized church, before Martin Luther came along, that we don’t have enough lampposts to go around. We need to make the streets and highways of the West, make the roads to Rome, post Spartacus, look like a non event. I know this goes contrary to what the Good Book says but Karma will be served, jot and tittle wise. The offenses of the bankers have gone turbo. There are no regulators and there are no rules. Another sign of End Times, is when the actions of Mr. Apocalypse, begin to match up with the real targets of the mindless and callous violence in search of closure.
I’m laying the sum of this misdirection and atrocious bad aim, at the feet of all those lactose intolerant, Moon Junkies, whose acetic anhydride is not what it used to be. This is what happens when all the good drugs get stepped on by The Bigfoot Police.
Those familiar with the Zen saying, “It’s all a joke” should bear in mind that the comedic aspect of the whole enterprise is about to go nova. We can see it moving from the tragic-comic, to the full blown comic, but the progression is generally missed, like most things get missed, because of the preponderance of bad shit and dire necessity, handcuffed together on the Boulevard of Bullshit that has replaced the main thoroughfares of Main Street and Commercial Street, in Urban Nightmareville. We’re about to find out the meaning of a New York Minute.
Speaking of Biblical plagues and factoring in wild fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and sundry, we now have widespread drought and that’s going to mainline into cost of living, multiplied by food shortage, divided by unemployment and poverty margins, until all Hell breaks loose. Karachi has 20 million people. Mexico City has 20 million people and greater London has the same. There are many locations like this, with large numbers of participants. The intention of the Eugenics Elite, is to herd the populace into these locations around the world, for serious madness in motion. The math doesn’t lie and nothing short of cosmic intervention is going to change any of it. Will we get cosmic intervention? I haven’t got a clue. Things have progressed and regressed to a point that I have no more capacity to measure or interpret any of it. It’s off the hinges. The door to nowhere and anywhere, is off the hinges.
People are water boarding their children. The police are shooting on sight. People are being fined for feeding the underprivileged. Gardens have been outlawed. All good supplements, medicines and recreational mind-stuffs, have been made illegal and the bad shit has been made mandatory. Statistics say you are 16,000 (or was it 60,000?) times more likely to die from corporate pharmaceuticals than from anything that’s illegal. It gets more and more batshit insane by the day. It’s off the hook.
I want to be optimistic. I want to find new ways to talk about what isn’t changing except to get worse. I am running out of descriptors and hyperbole. WTF? WTF? They’re drilling into people’s safe deposit boxes. They are stealing the money out of their bank accounts, cause there isn’t enough coming in the QE slush funds. People can no longer read and write and chew gum at the same time.
Words appear on the virtual paper and look like squiggling worms. We’re in a countdown of some sort but you can’t hear the numbers. My thinking is that we already passed into minus country some time ago. WTF? WTF?
People look normal where I am, far removed from urban blight and resident in some kind of pastoral time warp. I don’t know if they’re normal. I’ve forgotten what that is. That is the nature of incipient insanity. It goes by steps and degrees and it’s always going around the corner, so the time comes, over and over, where you can’t recall what was normal last month and there’s no memory at all of last year. You’ve got a few childhood memories, maybe, though they might have been implanted and then there’s nothing but fog and blur between there and last week. It’s like living in Memento and let’s hope you know a good tattoo artist.
Humanity just goes right on ♫dancing in the moonlight♫ and what that means is they can’t see shit but you sure can smell it. Everyone has a theory about whose behind all of this. For me, as far as America goes, all you have to do it look at who blueprints the game plan for Homeland Security in The House and The Senate. All you have to do is look at the names of the people making the Freak City laws. Most of the time you see Chucky Schumer’s name. The support of the militarized US, is directly connected to the following destruction of it, as soon as Ersatz Israel has got its desired boundaries. What really surprises me is that some larger portion of all the world’s nations have not gotten together and make arrangements to eliminate The Vampire Barbarians from the face of the Earth. I’m guessing that between the control of the world’s finances and currencies and all of the nuclear devices hidden around the globe, they’ve got the human race, which they are not members of, by the short hairs. Making these statements is considered to be the ultimate in poor taste, where it hasn’t already been made illegal and there shouldn’t be any surprises about that. This whole circus has been orchestrated from a long time ago and the only saving grace, in my mind, is that I know that the strings of the psychopathic puppet-masters, are being pulled by forces unknown to them. Like that timeless quote maintains, “those whom the God’s would destroy they first make mad”. One of the expressions of this particular madness, is an irrepressible urge to come forward and be identified and to brag about their crimes. They are relentlessly convicting themselves in the court of public opinion, as Mr. Apocalypse is raising the awareness of the formerly brain dead witnesses.
People can argue all they want to that the real villains are someone else …but how to explain the list of names in all of the key positions, or the ownership of all of the mechanisms of deceit and injury? How does one explain that? How does one explain the architects of all those wars brought into being by the Neo Con membership (the word Neo-con is anti-Semitic), where the names are an echo of the other names, working as accessories before, during and after the fact? How does one explain the identities of the Central Banking Families? This is known as denial and the primary drivers of denial are ignorance, fear and the desire for material gain.
You can call them as you see them but it doesn’t mean much if you can’t see them and the cause of that is the inability to see yourself. So it goes.
End Transmission…….
Song: ♫While The President Makes War♫


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