The Truth is Out, there is No Moon

Reflections in a Petri Dish – August 14, 2012

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I went to a large Goth/Emo/Satan Boogie festival this weekend and evidence was gathered about that. It was a strange affair because, with the help of my trusted associates, M and S, I was able to get to the heart of conspiracy theory. The fact is, or so it appears, that there is no Moon. It is only a holographic projection. So, of course they had to film the Moon landing in Colorado, because there was nothing for the astronuts to land on. This explains all the problems with astrology, where predictions often turn out to be wrong or confusing. My friends and I took the Moon completely out of the horoscope and everything suddenly became crystal clear. It was the Moon that was messing everything up because there is no Moon. This is why Mondays have such a bad reputation also. It turns out that a lot of our problems are just moonshine and this is because there is no Moon to begin with and that is what makes the whole thing so illusionary.
I now understand what it means to be followed by a Moon Shadow and why I often imagine I hear Moon Doggie’s howling but I never see any of them. They’re not there. The essential problem with finding out the truth about 9/11 can be directly traced to the Moon. Since there is no Monday, it actually occurred on a Tuesday and so everyone is looking in the wrong time frame. I had to think about this for awhile and then I realized if there was no Monday that maybe this happened on a Tuesday (not Wednesday) because you lose a day every week and this finally explains the meaning of that line in the Bob Dylan song; “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now”. I imagine that many of you are now catching my drift.
What about the tides? If there is no Moon then what is causing the tides? Good question. Maybe there are no tides and being as there is no Moon, it becomes fairly obvious that the world is flat and it is the gravitational pull of the other planets that causes the Earth to tilt twice a day, providing us with what we call the tides.
This is all very heavy information and it is becoming increasingly clear that this is why JFK and MLK were assassinated because they were about to expose the truth that there is no Moon. It had nothing to with the Federal Reserve or anything else.
In terms of screwups, of which there have been many, this is all because of time-line technology based on Sundials and Moondials and since there is no Moon, some portion of all related time programming is off. This means that, though things may have happened, they didn’t happen when they say they did and they didn’t happen where they say they did, which ties right into Henry Ford’s comment that, “History is bunk”. And dovetails right after into the revisionist policies of the International Jew. They are behind this Moon thing. When you dig deeper you begin to understand why first there is a Moon, then there is no Moon and then there is and that leads directing to the consideration of; what is the sound of no Moon shining? If Moonlight falls in an empty forest, does anyone hear it? From this we can assume that Moonshiners were actually government agents and the Revenuers turn out to be the good guys, which is how the devil is turned into an angel of light at the given moment. As soon as you realize there is no Moon, the devil ceases to exist. Of course, if you’re not into Zen, you are under the influence of the Moon being real.
The whole system of Geometry and Math are false. If Archimedes could find a big enough lever to shift the Earth, he would have to use the Moon as a fulcrum and since there is no Moon. See what I mean? This is why a new religion has to come into being and why most people can’t have any kind of a workable relationship with the creator and why things like Scientology and the Urantia Book show up in the first place. It naturally follows, according to both Schrodinger’s Cat and Heisenberg that there is no possibility that Tom Cruise and John Travolta will ever show up in the same bathhouse, at the same time, unless Bwak! Obama is there first and why both Tom and John are turning into older white men, which is Bwak’s preferred felatio delivery system and what Rahm Emmanuel is doing as a member of the same Chicago gay bathhouse. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this so I won’t explain any of it because it would only confuse the issue.
Ergo, this affirms that certain readers and posters here are government operatives. Especially if they are based in Montana and provide transparent excuses for not being able to be reached in person. It then follows that vicious attacks will ensure and then be passed off as nothing more than some strange, though virulent form of camaraderie, cloaked in false bonhomie.
All of these things have been engineered in such a way that even the language has been altered to suit the fantasy of the existence of the Moon. For instance, when you have a presumed solar eclipse, with a false Moon, when the Sun is only being shut down, for the purpose of rebooting, or any necessary repairs, what you wind up with is a double negative and that blows the general syntax all to Hell. I know you can see where I am going with this so, explanations will once again only muddy the information. You can forget all about every conspiracy in existence now because all of them are the product of a Moon River and that you not only can’t step into the same none river twice, at any different point, or the same point, because there is no Moon River. This begs the question if there ever was a Nat King Cole and also why John Fogarty has not been offed, due to Bad Moon Rising, because it is a bad Moon. From here you can see why this was one of the most popular songs ‘in country’ during the Vietnam War, even though it is not a country song per se, although I suppose one could mess around with the arrangement and wind up with Tammy Wynette Syndrome.
Now you can grandfather all of this stuff into the aftermath and find out the real reason why Visible is pursued by so many young ladies and from there it is an easy step from Kirsten Stewart being the illegitimate offspring of Jimmy Stewart, who was the patriarch of a long line of vampires, which is readily substantiated by reading his poetry and employing the gematria keys that are going to become available with the No Moon product line. Dig it! Don’t get me started on the green cheese thing and it’s relationship to the American currency. That brings up the eerie parallel in relation to all of the many offspring of the Man in the Moon and his long term suit, soon due to come before the Supreme Court of Zion. Neither the Jews nor the Gypsies can be held completely responsible for this because if you study the relationship between Hulk Hogan and Hogan’s Heroes you’ll pick up on all of it right away. I’m not going to explain any of that because if you don’t get it then you are dumber than a Moon Rock and probably can’t make the connection between Moonwalking and the murder of Michael Jackson.
I’m going to show you just how deep this penetrates into all of our lives. Since there is no Moon, what really happened didn’t really happen. Does Michael Rivero know about this and when did he know it, or not know it? This is definitive proof that Jeff Rense was never married and could not be feuding with another website that may or may not be mirroring his own because the Moon is reflective and a mirror and since there is no Moon, there can be no mirror site. How deep does it go? This is all explained in our forthcoming book (part of a much larger package) entitled, “Chicken Soup for Moonies”. There you can learn about the Rev. Sun, M’Young Moon and his whole organization. Notice the word ‘Sun’ in his name and the obvious connection to Neil Young and the tune Harvest Moon. Can there be any doubt now? Of course not.
Visible received a visit from The Pope before the weekend past, who mooned a bunch of Catholic school girls, through a stalled school bus window and who has a tattoo on his forearm that clearly shows the four directions that the Moon does not exist in. We now know why members of The Tribe banker religion hate Muslims because, there being no Moon there can be no Moon in that logo with the star.
I don’t expect you to be able to grasp all of the details, like why Visible was born on the 22nd day of this month and how two and two makes four, or why some of you need to be hit with a two by four, in order to get the essential principles and that is why Visible, M and S are releasing the deluxe No Moon package, complete with work-kit, a Moon free telescope, a new Astrological method, sans Moon, a veritable library of research books, DVD’s and black light luminescent BVD’s for wearing in the dark, where many of you spend most of your time, groping the obvious and only serving to make yourselves further aroused, giving your privates pet names, like Moon Rocket and not getting why my dog is called Poncho Moonlight, creating the mystery of how come he glows in the dark when there is no Moon.
What about all of these Moon Goddesses? Precisely. How does this effect a woman’s menstrual cycle? Un huh. But you won’t be able to know about these things until you send in 999 Euros for the No Moon package and sign up for the every 28 days newsletter at 28 Euro a pop. You may also be the recipient of one of Visible’s orange Japanese squash, which celebrate the absent Moon and are called Hokkaido and from which a whole new martial art is derived and expertly practiced by Japanese Pumpkin heads and when does the Harvest Moon ascend? That’s right, in October from which you get the number 8 and which is precisely double two and two is four …and two short of a two by four, unless you multiply it but not if you are unaware of the real meaning of “be fruitful and multiply”. A squash is not a fruit? Precisely and now you understand that whole Gay Thing, or you should.
I now understand and can identify every government operative that comes around here and none of them will be hearing from me in this life again because when your intention is to wound in the most egregious manner possible, the only saving grace is that I am not vulnerable but, oh, if I was. In the second link at the top of the page you can see me, enjoying the fruits of my research into the clitinography of geriatric, anachronistic time lapse regression and can clearly see that the name Christ is not reflected in the word but Chronos is and which precisely indicates the time lapse feature. Precisely.
All right folks. I have done my best to educate you and I’ll now return to the fruits of my research, which does not involve fruits. Do you understand that whole Garden of Eden thing now? Precisely. Don’t let that snake bite you in the ass, raise it up the spinal column and you’re good to go or hang out forever, as you prefer.
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