Olympics’ Blatant Occult Symbolism & Message

No Olympics has been as in-your-face with its Luciferian message.

Olympics reveals real meaning of “secular”: pagan, satanic.

Why would the Illuminati blow them up? They belonged to them.

 By Marcos – henrymakow.com August 13, 2012

The Olympics started as a religious ritual for Zeus in Ancient Greece. The Olympic pyre must be lit by the rays from the Sun (Lucifer) and paraded to the stadium with all reverence.
This famous ritual presented the Illuminati with an excellent opportunity to openly worship the devil. It was therefore hijacked by Pierre de Coubertain around 1900 and has become darker and creepier each time. As usual, the opening and closing ceremonies, with billions of viewers, are perfect opportunities for displays of occult power and for mass indoctrination.
However, no Olympics has been as blatant about its Luciferian message as the London Olympics 2012.


The opening ceremony in the London Games was aptly described as a “pandemonium.” Instead of a linear narrative that described the rich culture of Britain, we saw a confusing patchwork of occult messages that spoiled any kind of narrative. Instead of a celebration of sports, it seemed the organizers wanted to present Britain as a land of witchcraft, in a stage illuminated by thirteen masonic pyramids. Some of the main points were:

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