Speaking in Codes and the Absurdity of Anti-Semitism’

Kevin Boyle – No One to Vote For August 13, 2012

‘Anti-Semitism’ is irrational hatred of Jews………as defined by the Judaic elite themselves.
The dominant class of Jews are not semites at all. They are ethnically Russian. Semitic and African Jews are second-class citizens in Israel. African non-Jews are being consigned to concentration camps.
Furthermore,  ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ describe anti-semitism as being “indispensible to us for management of our lesser brethren”. (in Protocol no. 9, verse 2)
“Our lesser Brethren” are obviously the vast majority of ordinary innocent Jewish people who are not involved in the psychopathic machinations of the Judeo/Masonic (non-Jewish) elite.
Gilad Atmon says there is no anti-semitism in the UK (he has never experienced such a thing) and I agree.
What does increasingly exist is a hatred of the money-and-corporate-controlling fiends who lie our societies into accepting endless war as a natural and necessary state of affairs.
What most people hate, when they begin to understand what is going on, is psychopathic lying murderers.
People like Tony Blair, who is not Jewish.
However, when we examine the people involved at the top level of power and name those involved in committing the greatest crimes we discover a extraordinarily disproportionate number of Jews in these highest places.
‘Anti-Semitism’ exists to protect these people. It is about time ordinary Jewish people woke up to this. The belief in ‘anti-semitism’ has been artificially created in you to ensure your loyalty to this class of criminal Jew. It is this age-old loyalty that has has resulted in persecution, time and time again.
You must stop loving these criminals. They trick and betray you more than they trick and betray the rest of us though they (along with plenty of like-minded gentiles) do that too.
We are talking about psychopathy here. The psychopath has no interest in the well-being or feelings of others. He (or she) is a manipulator dedicated to the exploitation and, if necessary, destruction of any human being he comes across in pursuit of his selfish ambitions.
Talmudic Judaism teaches its inductees that such psychopathy is a virtue. 
It teaches that Jews are the ONLY humans. The rest of us are ‘goyim’ (cattle) and non-human.According to this same Talmud Christ, who warned the Jews of his time against these very teachings (that he called “of Satan”) is “in hell drowning in boiling excrement”.

This stuff is pure evil by any measure that THE REST OF US call “human”.
So we have a Jewish elite that are committed psychopaths and Christ-hating Luciferians.
This, at least, is undeniable.
We have a non-Jewish elite that are the same.
The ‘Jewish’ people are a wall behind which these creatures hide.
You are their shield.
Please stop protecting them and join us.
You must decide:
Are we right or wrong to stand against such teachings and the murderous behaviour of our war-mongering, imperialist, thieving, corporate/financier governments.
Please re-examine your ‘liberal’ tenets.
For you, the “lesser brethren” to reject the lies you have been told by your Rabbis would be very helpful for the rest of us.
Very helpful indeed.
The ‘anti-semitism’ meme is a creation of genius.
All ‘alternative’ commentators speak in code to avoid facing this charge.
Webster Tarpley speaks of “The Venetians” and “The British”, Larouche of “The British Empire”, Alex Jones of ‘The Psychopathic elite” and ” The Bilderburgers” (who are managers not directors). Jon Ronson of ‘The Guardian’ accuses David Icke of using “Reptilians” as code for Jews.
Even the Virgin Mary, addressing the children of Fatima, warned against “The errors of Russia” (Communism was perceived as a Jewish project across all Europe at the time).
It is difficult to disbelieve such a vision when such serious ideas have been mediated by very young and innocent children.
When the Mother of Christ speaks we must listen.
We must not blame ‘The Jews’ but we must expose their leaders and deal with the most serious errors of Judeo-Masonry that continue to attempt to destroy the spirit of Christ in all men and women.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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