Vatican Struggles to Contain Feral Nuns

by Marie Henrie – August 12, 2012

The largest organization of Catholic nuns has agreed to negotiate with the Vatican which has accused them of promoting “certain radical feminist themes” that undermine Catholic teaching on all-male priesthood, birth control and homosexuality, and remaining silent on abortion. But this seems like a stalling tactic.
Here is a report from their latest conclave:
    [The nuns] sat in silence for a long stretch, sang songs about truth and mystery accompanied by a guitar and a choir, and heard a keynote address by a futurist who was escorted to the podium by seven liturgical dancers waving diaphanous scarves of pink and tangerine.
    “Crisis precedes transformation,” the futurist, Barbara Marx Hubbard, told the nuns. “You are the best seedbed that I know for evolving the church and the world in the 21st century. Now, that may be a surprise to the world. But, you see, new things always happen from unexpected places.”
    The nuns, most dressed informally in pants or skirts, gave a standing ovation to Ms. Hubbard, a beatific presence with a mantle of white hair who quoted Jesus, Buckminster Fuller, the Jesuit philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the current pope, Benedict XVI.
    But if the nuns submit to the Vatican’s plan to overhaul their organization, it is doubtful that their meetings will feature a keynote speaker like Ms. Hubbard, who grew up a nonreligious Jew in a Scarsdale, N.Y., mansion (her father founded the Marx toy company) and is now acclaimed by New Age luminaries like Deepak Chopra for helping to lead what she calls the “conscious evolution” movement.”


‘Catholic” nuns’ rejection of Christian teaching may be why their US numbers have dwindled from 180,000 to 60,000 since 1965. 
Having attended Catholic schools in several states, I have fond memories of dedicated teaching Sisters who in their spare time taught the girls how to embroider, read music and sing Gregorian chant.

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