It is illegal to pay your taxes

Kevin Boyle – No One to Vote For August 2012

The UN has designated the Free Syrian Army as an “Al Qaeda affiliate” .We all know that Al Qaeda has been listed as a ‘terrorist organisation’ in the UK (and the US and elsewhere)On August 10th William Hague promised to give £5 million to the Syrian rebels.Therefore since it is illegal to give encouragement to terrorists under the Terrorism Act 2006 (one legal item of many such available to make this case)……

It is clearly against the law to pay any taxes whatsoever to the UK government.



Many millions of people, being aware of ‘false flag’ terrorist events have understood this for some time, of course and the rare individual, like Roger Hayes, who has withheld tax for this very reason has been made to suffer. Tony Farrell is in the process of refusing to pay his Council Tax and will likely be dealt with in a similar manner.

I will not advise anyone to do something I am not doing myself. I post this simply to make people aware of this very simple and unanswerable argument that should be widely disseminated, particularly to political representatives and through the media. The majority of people do not like to accept two ideas that are moral contradictions. We are in our deepest nature God/Truth seekers after all.

The more people become alive to the hypocritical, murderous and truly evil bullshit that our leaders expect us to accept, the better.

Similar arguments to the above surely apply in the US and through the NATO territories.

Can I suggest you please email the following (or something like it) to your local MP:

Title: Urgent question, please reply 

Dear  ………,

It is illegal to encourage terrorism under the Terrorism Act 2006.
The UN has recently designated the Free Syrian Army as an “Al Qaeda affiliate”
Al Qaeda is a proscribed terrorist organisation in the UK.
On 10th August Mr Hague promised £ 5 million to ‘The Syrian Rebels’.

Is it now illegal for me to pay UK tax?

I really do not want to support any organisation that funds terrorism.

Please reply soonest.


Aaron Russo makes this same argument re taxes (based on a different issue) for a US audience in this classic 2006 interview with Alex Jones. If you haven’t watched it this is a must-see: 


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