Romney’s Mormon Church is Masonic Front

Michael Hoffman establishes that Mormonism is not a Christian church, but a breakaway Freemason faction. 
Obama and Romney represent different branches of Freemasonry, which considers Lucifer to be God.
Americans are leaderless dupes, collaborators in their own subversion and destruction.

Henry Makow Ph.D. – August 11, 2012

In the July-August edition of his Revisionist History newsletter, Michael Hoffman lifts the veil on Mormonism once and for all.
Citing many reference books, he establishes that Mormonism is a break-away faction of Freemasonry which claimed to be “the true Masonry,” keeping both ritual and dogma, including the worship of Lucifer.
Far from being persecuted by non-Masons, the founding prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum Smith were lynched by fellow Masons in retaliation for establishing a competing “church” in violation of Masonic oaths never to reveal its secrets on pain of death.
They were assassinated in the Carthage jail in Carthage Ill on June 27, 1844.
“The first five Presidents of the Mormon Church – Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilfred Woodruff and Lorenzo Snow – were also made Masons in the Nauvoo (Illinois) while Hyrum (Smith) was the incumbent master of the lodge…” (H. Paul Jeffers, The Freemasons in America, Citadel Press, 2006, pp 87-88)

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