Out in the Open. Al Qaeda Are Our Boys

 Kevin Boyle – No One to Vote For August 10, 2012

The news Friday morning confirmed the obvious. William Hague commits another £5 million to ‘The Syrian Rebels’.
This support “will not include any weapons” (ho, ho, ho. We wouldn’t participate in getting anyone hurt, would we? What our less scrupulous Saudi/Qatari/NATO friends get up to, who knows? )
Reports from many international sources have been confirming for some time that the ‘Syrian rebels’ are composed almost entirely of foreign mercenaries…..i.e. they are not Syrian at all. Just like the gangs that left Libya in ruins, many of them fly the ‘Al Qaeda’ flag.
So there we have it.
What many of us have known for years now. It’s out in plain sight.
…..or as Webster Tarpley calls them, “The CIA’s arab legion.”
They are mostly Islamic extremists who hate arab secular governments, like those of Libya (as was) and Syria……or natural criminals who jump at the chance to elevate their prospects, in much the same way that many Irish criminals were, by their nature, drawn into joining the IRA and UVF.
Our societies are led by individuals without conscience. The suffering they cause in pursuit of their goals means less than nothing to them. They do not experience twinges of remorse. Rather theirs is the thrill and rush of power, casually exercised.
Psychologically they are psychopaths. They are indifferent to the suffering of others.
Spiritually they are Satanists. They serve evil.
But these are OUR representatives on earth.
Clear and brilliant exposition of the psychopathic mindset here from Thomas Sheridan (interview from about 54 minutes)


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