Iran’s Nuclear Program: What We Aren’t Being Told

News Commentary – August 10, 2012

Israel’s Defence Minister, Ehud Barak told Reuters on Thursday August 9:

 “Iran’s nuclear moves are becoming harder for U.S. and Israeli intelligence to assess”.

While on the same day the Jerusalem Post reported he said that U.S. and Israeli intelligence concur:

“As far as we know it (the intelligence assessment) brings the American assessment much closer to ours …”

In other words both U.S. and Israeli intelligence don’t know much about Iran’s nuclear program. Either that or they are not telling us everything they know.
In fact we think the latter is the case. For we have been informed be a reliable psychic friend that Iran hasn’t started to develop nuclear weapons for the simple reason that it already has them.
They haven’t been flaunted or publicised because on the basis of a religious decree by Ayatollah Khamenei: “the production, possession, use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is illegitimate, futile, harmful, dangerous and prohibited as a great sin.”
Nonetheless like Britain, America, Israel, China, France and Pakistan Iran already has nuclear weapons. The fact that they haven’t used them should tell us that all the media speculation and official warnings about Iran’s Weapons of Mass Destruction is just so much hot air.
Just as all the media speculation about Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction were just hot air.
Only in Iran’s case this is more than idle speculation. The mullahs have nuclear weapons to hand yet they have enough common sense and self-restraint not to use them. They don’t boast about them because, as the decree above points out, they are considered “dangerous and prohibited as a great sin”.
They are however being kept as a weapon of last resort and given the repeated threats from the U.S. and Israel about “all options” being open that’s hardly surprising.
The U.S. and Israel know this but can’t let on that they do because all their talk about a “military option” raises the very real prospect that Iran will retaliate with nuclear weapons if attacked.
Nonetheless, the Anglo-American-Zionist elite knows that something must be done about Iran’s burgeoning power and influence. They’ve tried the soft options – assassinating the country’s top scientists, fomenting internal unrest, imposing trade restrictions and economic sanction – none of which have been entirely successful.
So now they are looking at the final option, military action. Unlike Iraq however, they can’t just use conventional military means to overthrow the regime. Iran’s military presents a far more formidable challenge than Saddam’s ever did; plus the fact that Tehran now has its own weapons of last resort.
All of which leaves the West with one final option: a nuclear first strike.
To do this however a false flag is needed to justify “retaliation”. This came very close and would have happened during the London Olympics but for reports of a pending false flag in the alternative Internet media.
So now, according to our psychic friend, the elite are looking at the final option: a nuclear false flag. Likely target: a medium sized American city, likely timing: before the end of the year and probably before the beginning of November.     
In the meantime expect more lies and double talk from our politicians and their servile media.
Hence the Huffington Post reported Thursday:

“The United States still believes that Iran is not on the verge of having a nuclear weapon and that Tehran has not made a decision to pursue one, U.S. officials said on Thursday.”

Similar speculation in the corporate media can be expected in the months ahead.
Questions over whether Iran has a nuclear weapons program, whether it has even decided to launch one and who exactly will make that decision will resound in the corporate media and then BANG!!!
A nuclear device will detonate somewhere in North America and the public having been conditioned by the media will automatically blame Iran. Opening the way for a full on first strike with multiple warheads and with no time for forethought or debate beforehand.
It will be an accomplished fact without any consideration or deliberation. At least, that is the plan and stories like the Huffington Post report linked above will be used to facilitate this.

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