The Murder Cult of Globoctopus Industries

Smoking Mirrors – August 7, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
When I was locked up for the longest period of my several interludes as a guest of the state, I was considered more dangerous than the serial killers and other abled psychopaths. I know this because Dr. Kunev told me so and because he released these others into an open ward situation. I was aware of the program to release a selected few into a much less confined environment. Where we were being held was a super-max facility of which, at the time, there were only two in the country. When I broached my being made part of the program, Dr. Kunev said, “Oh no, Mr. Crook, you are much to dangerous”. I was in there for violation of the Marijuana Tax Act. They arranged for this because it carried the most severe sentence, in light of the fact that there was only an ounce of pot involved.
I bring this up only for a seriously vague association; something that was said to me by the man who got me out. During the period under discussion, a Harvard lawyer, recently graduated, came on the ward. He had something to do with an independent study of conditions in the place. I was the first person he met because I was standing near the entrance when he came in. My room/cell was close to the entrance. On reflection, what happened was very surprising, although I didn’t think so at the time. Yes, it was surprising then but, studying it now after the passage of years, it seems like a fantastic and most unlikely event, given the way it went down.
He asked me why I was in there and a little about myself and I answered him. He had a pair of the most intelligent eyes I have ever seen. Just like that, after we had spoken for a short time, he said, “You don’t belong here. I’m going to get you out of here but you need to help me make it happen. Don’t mention Lao Tzu again, or anything connected with Eastern Religion. Just try to speak and act normally. It shouldn’t be a problem for you”. Then he said to me something that I have come to see the truth of. He said, “Contrary to your sense of the timeless, life can be very long and you certainly don’t want to spend it here”. He was right. Life has turned out to be much longer than I thought it would be, due to the complexity and changes of environments that amounted to all of them being separate lifetimes, or so it seemed.
I had a therapist I saw twice a week. The lawyer got together with him and also made a case to the parole board. Regardless, when we had the decisive meeting, where all of us were gathered along with Dr. Kunev, he fought tooth and nail to keep me in there. “He kept saying, “This is a very sick man. You cannot release him to the streets”. Well, he was outnumbered but the more I think about the whole adventure and the inexplicable appearance of the lawyer and several other things, the more unusual it becomes. Of course, there have been many similar things since, making the whole trip very surreal, unpredictable and, as a result, a bitch to manage, given the amusement park ride dynamic, which has been routine.
Life can be long and that brings me to my subject matter today. Some of you would be familiar with Shakespeare’s commentary on the seven ages of man. This applies to most people but not to everyone. That’s the thing. There is ordinary destiny and high destiny but either apply to anyone interested in either. These destinies can run parallel to each other and a cross over can be made at any number of points along the way. There are different rules that operate in both of them, just as there are different end results. Ordinary destiny is that mindset which is promoted by The World and which naturally inspires a belief in it. At some point this belief crystallizes and becomes fixed. It takes a supernatural event to change anything about it at that point. A similar thing takes place on the other course where it becomes fixed. That’s actually an alchemical state and involves the use of a fixative.
These seven stages that occur in most lives, which manage to endure through the necessary years, each bring with them a different awareness and other attendant accessories, which compose that stage. You find out certain things, things you didn’t know before and things also happen to you that didn’t happen before. There is a pervasive cognitive dissonance that proliferates in each segment of existence, which inhibits the resident from seeing beyond, into the coming stages. Some of us have gained a degree of freedom about it all, through persistence and determination. Most people only care on occasion and put all of their efforts and attentions into what’s going on around them, based on what is going on in their heads and hearts. After a certain amount of time, their investment becomes the predominant concern and closes off access to any number of other influences, while leaving the door open to the prevailing material influence.
There is clear and ample evidence that the culture you are immersed in is trying to kill you. Is it intentional or is it just a byproduct of the rapid decline of the culture? Does it matter? There is clear and ample evidence that an elite minority are engaged in the wholesale killing of many of their fellows upon whom they confer no human status. There is direct evidence of this and it is ongoing. On the other hand we have a wealth of indirect information.
When you are young there is a sense immortality and invulnerability. This is often attended by a reckless disregard for one’s health and safety. In times of a disposable culture, there is an emphasis on death worship, dark icons, random and repetitious casual sex, devoid of intimacy, fragmenting of previously common understandings, which lead to what amounts to armed camps of people in opposition to each other and which are defined by buzzwords created by the puppet-masters, the trivialization of communication ensues and most forms of entertainment become banal and vacuous. This is easily seen but seldom apprehended. It is a giant invisible elephant in the room who is not invisible.
In a junk food culture, junk food becomes the fuel. As stated, when in youth, the impact of bad fuel on the body often goes unnoticed. That reaction is scheduled for a following age. However, the increasing toxicity of the fuel ensures that some amount, even of the youthful, will be experiencing various physical discomforts, as the rise in diabetes exponentially expands, as does the epidemic of heartburn, attended by ridiculously expensive medicines. What do they call that now? Acid reflux? I understand it can be pretty painful and even fatal. It comes about for several reasons, eating the wrong foods and eating too widely of varieties of the same shit in a different package, combined with stress and tension during the time of ingestion.
Along with the destruction of the education system, with a single intention behind it, comes the end of physical education programs for the young. This is accessorized by a wholesale diagnosing of aberrant mental states in children, at the behest of the pharmaceutical, AMA combine. There is so much evidence that they are trying to kill you that I suppose it is true. Are they trying to kill you directly, or, are they killing you indirectly, with all the toxic productions of the culture and are aware of it but don’t care, because all of it feeds some arm of Globoctopus Industries.
It is obvious, at this point, that the culture is required to descend into a death spiral because there is no way for the human race to progress, within the dynamic of this open and infected running sore. The sheer weight of the collective consciousness of those immersed, in this suicidal culture, is sucking the very atmosphere down. It is possible that some heretofore, not present, greater awakening, brought about by something or someone could still occur. It is only that, looking at where it has all gone, in respect of ever greater offenses against the public by those, no longer elected but now installed in positions of power, seems to indicate that not a great deal has changed. I can only see what the captive media presents and what shows up here and there in the increasingly rare alternative media. It could be that there is a massive upswelling of revolt and resistance, rising up in the minds of the masses. It could be that it’s there to be seen but nothing is being said about it. I’d like to be hopeful in that regard but I’ve little evidence to go on.
The relentless and seemingly unavoidable assault on Iran, continues onward toward critical mass. This will be a dramatic game-changer on many levels. It is almost certain to occur sometime in the next 3 months. DEBKAfile, the propaganda vehicle of of that Middle Eastern Crime Syndicate, has been saying that taking down Iran will pass with little difficulty at all and that none of their missiles can make it through the weapon shields that exist offshore and terrestrially. The whole idea of destabilizing Syria, is to add a greater ease to the multi-pronged attack, which will also hit Lebanon, Gaza and possibly other places as well.
Well, let’s put an end to this segment of recurrent redundancy and same old same old. Visible will be entertaining for the next couple of days and also rehearsing for a musical performance. Then he will be gone across the weekend so the postings will be happily sparse, if at all. I’ll see you somewhere in the mix or later on next week. Bon chance!
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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