The Wonderland of the Subconscious

Visible Origami – August 6, 2012

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May your noses always detect duplicity.
This is the kind of thing The Cosmos is getting into these days. Nobody else has the motivation apparently and backdoor jujitsu, hammer-locks the investigative process. Zio-Ogre Schumer just opened the door for more of the total control that he and his associates are after. “Step by step and inch by inch” the last gasp of the dying empire, flops about like a beached shark. It’s still dangerous though, as anyone who’s had a certain kind of contact with sharkskin can tell you.
These unrelated events, like the false flag actions in Wisconsin and at the Egyptian border, have no direct bearing on this posting. They’re just the usual events, marching to perdition, on the Highway to Hell. We, on the other hand, are marching where? Some kind of Uncertainty Principle comes in to play when the mind turns, however briefly to that consideration. Seriously, what did you think when you read that sentence? It’s things like this, that come out of the blue and dance for an instant in our minds then disappears under the influence of the day to day surface mind.
The surface mind is very powerful. We have conferred an autonomy upon the surface mind that bars our access to the treasures buried deeper within us. I’m talking about the subconscious. The subconscious is like an ancient labyrinth. That means it also may contain a minotaur. Aside from that there are recessed niches, press panels and many a clever and curious device, known only to those who have managed to come across them by design or accident; as if anything like that could ever be considered an accident.
There are various mechanisms that have been tried and tested and proven true over the course of time. Yoga comes to mind. The Hermetic tradition comes to mind. The Tarot comes to mind and I suppose there are more avenues and vehicles. One has to find the one that works for them. It can make all the difference having something you’re comfortable with. Think of it like different word processing or recording software. Some of them have a simplicity and ease. Some of them are technically complex. That’s okay for a left brain individual but not so user friendly for a right brain (like me) kind of a guy. What I’m saying here is important. Choosing the wrong medium can be the difference between success and failure because you can’t sync up with it and the degree of necessary ease in relation to resistance is not in your favor.
All of these systems cross reference. The parallels can be astonishing sometimes. I’ve used an example on this some long time ago, probably here. Let’s pick 3 cards from The Major Arcana. Let’s pick The Hanged Man, Death and The Star. The Star is Tzaddi. It means fishhook. The Hanged Man is Mem. It means water. Death is Nun, a fish. The function of The Star is meditation. So, consider this, by the process of meditation you can dip into the waters of your being an extract the fish of Death. Of course, you have to have the meditation process down and generally you need an observer in the background who is familiar with the eternal witness within you. That’s all already in place in most cases, present company included.
This particular tradition uses what has been called the Hebrew alphabet. Both the alphabet and the origins of the Tarot are from another time and culture and they were appropriated by these people and not in a good way, as we have seen from the, “by their works ye shall know them” principle. There is a tale told about The Tarot coming out of a meeting in Fez, Morroco in the 12th century. Perhaps some of this is true in terms of a modern equivalent but the actual phenomena is timeless and goes way back. These are pictorial reflections of the archetypes that exist within us and which the activation of transforms us into gods. All this and more resides in the subconscious. The subconscious should be seen as a child and something that processes information in a pictorial way. Images, symbols, all things of this nature are intuitively understood by the subconscious. The intuition works through the subconscious. Think of the subconscious as a kind of sounding board. It vibrates and it resonates and is plastic and readily influenced by anything you impress upon it.
You impress things on your subconscious all the time. Every time you are wishful or desirous of something, it impresses the subconscious, which, according to the focus and intensity of that other portion of the mind, via visualization and creative imaging, guarantees the relative success of it all. People wonder why certain things don’t happen. They know about people who have succeeded with the very thing under discussion. Why are they not succeeding. “Faith is the substance of things unseen”. Nothing is denied to us but we do deny ourselves and that is all because we don’t know who we really are. If we knew who we are everything would be transformed; the devil would be changed into an angel of life at the given moment. “If you had the faith of a mustard seed” and so on and so on. It’s all simply and elegantly explained in the scriptures, if we could just get over the cognitive dissonance broadcasting from Unclear Channel, WKALI. We look at things but not into them. We can only see as deeply into things as we can see into ourselves. It’s a rule. It’s a law. We use the laws of Nature and The Cosmos AGAINST ourselves. It comes from the telepathic invasion practiced on us when we were children and could not defend ourselves. That is another subconscious imprinting.
The resonance here is no mystery to me. We’re all the same person, underneath the patina of the personality. Oh sure, we are as individual as a snowflake but there is a pervasive commonality and it accounts for why certain thoughts will have a wide ranging impact on diverse beings. It’s why there are dreams of a certain type that happens around here and other things I leave unsaid. We’e all obsessed with knowing and it blocks us from the unknowing. The fundamental and visceral awareness of “I don’t know is all we need”. If I know, then god is not permitted to. If I don’t know, if we don’t know, then the unchained god can mentate and perform through us. We imprison divinity and make war on Heaven by way of deception practiced upon ourselves and performed upon us by the servants of darkness. They have no real power, except what we confer upon them. It’s time to reclaim what is ours.
People may or may not wonder why I like dogs. I like them precisely for the qualities certain cultures despise in them. Some people prefer cats, precisely because of their stubbornness, selfishness and independence. I happen to be a cat, precisely because of the self containment aspect. Selfishness is an acquired taste that I haven’t acquired and most people come here because they aren’t selfish either. Some are confused but… they know that.
When one of us leaves the house here, our companions from the Devic Realm arrange themselves near the front door. When one of us returns they go nuts, jump up and down. It means everything to them. Their love is real and unconditional. That’s how I want to be but I’m not even as good at it as my dogs are. However, they do remind us. They show me every day how short I fall from the natural devotion that- for any of us- would insure the desired union with great speed. Most people go through their whole lives, going through the motions. The next thing you know, you’re old and looking back. You don’t look ahead anymore. Old is a state of mind and it has a power to it. The subconscious contains the keys of conscious immortality and a veritable cornucopia of gifts an blessings. I have proven this on my own to some degree so I can assure you it is real.
With God you have to be persistent and importunate. You have to bang on the door, or conversely, you can just answer the door, according to, “I stand at the door and knock”.
The subconscious is a wonderland. It’s an ancient place. All of your former lifetimes are arranged next to each other like suits of clothes in a closet. The more recent ones have sharper features. The older ones are more blurred. It’s possible some of them disappear entirely when all relevance is gone.
Anyway, I recommend fishing expeditions for those so inclined and bid you a good day.
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