The Voice of the White House October 8, 2006

“Although Foley and his frantic defenders at Fox News and also by the convicted drug addict, Limbaugh, claim he “never had sex with minors,” a collection of his personal digital photos of himself with nude boys now circulating around both the media and those of Congress still in D.C., show very graphically to the contrary.

Pages who have been snitching but redacting their names will be horrified to learn that a new report from the DoJ names them in detail, possibly as a means of frightening others to keep their mouths shut about the activities of this proliferate pervert and his friends.

And also, it is the general theme here among the straight Democrats, that whoever started this filthy story on its merry way, picked just the right time. The Democrats, by the way, had nothing to do with exposing Foley (and others) There is no doubt at all that Dennis Hastert and at least ten senior Republican members of both the Senate and the House had full knowledge of Foley’s ten year reign of sexual terror among young pages but did absolutely nothing about it.

There is also no doubt, from the squeakings of terror from inside the White House that Bush himself was fully aware of the charges. Of course he now “stands behind Hastert” (not a judicious choice of words, George) whom he put in as a totally obedient Speaker and does not want to see resign.

Also, someone just told me that the Evangelical Christians still think Bush and his deviants are wonderful people. Wait until their own sons have their pants pulled down and then listen to the howls of vindictive rage.

The snail-trail of vice and corruption not only covers the floors of the Republican side of the House but also extends right into the White House and also the halls of Congress and the main office of the GOP where the head of the Party is soon going to have his own problems with his expressions of his sexual nature.

And Rupert Murdoch’s supermarket tabloid papers are claiming that Foley only buggered boys over 21! Sure, Rupert, and don’t forget to put your pants on before going outside! (Rupert has small memory problems these days. Old age is shipwreck.)

Since Foley was a strong supporter of the needs of Evangelical Christians, can we now say that a good watchword for him and his cronies would be: “Bugger a Page for Christ?” I have also heard it said by jocular Democrats on the Hill: “Don’t bend the page over, please!”

We can say in all honesty that President Clinton, at least, preferred women as sex partners.

Can we say that with honesty about all Presidents?

If the shoe, or in this case the condom, fits, wear it.

I am sending to you nice people about 150 disgusting digital pictures taken in hotel bedrooms and elsewhere over about a nine year period. Why not call these ‘Foley’s Follies?:’”

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(Editor’s note: Last week, we posted some of the less pathological romantic emails from Foley to underqged young men, and today, we are posting some of the less objectionable photos he took of his little friends. We are not showing any of the blatantly pornographic pictures but only just a few relatively innocent ones to make very clear the true nature of Foley’s “warm and caring” relationship with underaged pages.. These pictures, a hundred at least are in the postings, and are starting to pop up all over the Internet. I hope Dennis Hastert and George Bush are watching while their Titanic slips slowly down into the very cold ocean. The question is, how many Republican legislators were aware of these or have seen them previously? Foley was proud of his “conquests” and his type loves to brag. Frantic, and howlingly funny, right wing excuses that all of his “conquests” were over 21 are bigger lies than Bush’s WMD garbage. Ed.)