Britain secretly equipping Syrian rebels with latest satellite phones to help topple Assad

Introduction – August 5, 2012

The following report is essentially disinformation insofar as it overlooks the presence of foreign backed mercenaries in the conflict. In fact it makes no mention at all of the numerous foreign nationals who have been identified fighting against President Assad’s forces.
This omission casts doubt on other claims made in the article; such as the claim that the Free Syrian Army is “made up of soldiers and officers who defected from” the regime.
Or claims made by a ‘rebel commander in the second part of the article (not reprinted here) that Assad’s forces are killing innocent “woman and children”. As detailed elsewhere, if anybody is committing atrocities it is the Western backed Syrian opposition.
Nonetheless what’s interesting is the extent of British involvement in the conflict the article implies: including help to Syrian rebels from Britain’s Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence. Although much of this is still covert it also hints at the active involvement of British Special Forces in the conflict.   
French officers have already been reported captured during the fighting, which makes the involvement of British Special Forces seem all the more plausible.
Although the following only reports that the Foreign Office is “teaching negotiation and ‘stabilisation’ skills to opposition leaders”, you can be sure that a lot of the assistance being provided has a far more deadly intent.
As in many recent conflicts, press coverage of events in Syria is the product of the symbiotic relationship between the Corporate media and Western intelligence.
On the one hand the media tends to portray events according to the dictates of Western intelligence; as could be seen in media coverage of Saddam Hussein and his supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction. Western intelligence outfits knew there were no WMD in Iraq, but the corporate media obligingly fed the public a steady stream of reports speculating on “Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction” and thereby helped justify military action in the runup to the invasion.
In return the journalists were given insider access to other less important stories. Both parties in this relationship ended up as winners. Only the public lost out being fed disinformation dressed up as “journalism”.
Such a successful symbiosis suggests that a similar pattern could well be being played out over events in Syria. 

Britain secretly equipping Syrian rebels with latest satellite phones to help topple Assad

Mark Nicol, Russell Myers – Daily Mail August 5, 2012

British officials are secretly equipping Syrian rebel groups with satellite phones in a bid to topple President Bashar al-Assad.

The supply of the latest generation of handsets is part of the Foreign Office’s mission to mould militias into a coalition capable of governing the country. The phones, used by the Ministry of Defence, are designed for rugged environments and are shock, dust and water resistant.

Whitehall sources also confirmed the Foreign Office is teaching negotiation and ‘stabilisation’ skills to opposition leaders, and advising on how to address the Syrian people and international audiences.

The mission is complicated by the expansion of the conflict to all  Syria’s major cities – from Aleppo in the north, to Homs in the centre, and the capital Damascus in the south.

Heavy explosions shook Damascus yesterday as rebels attempted to renew their offensive there. Witnesses reported hearing helicopters and outbreaks of gunfire.

The violence could mean that Assad’s position is weakening after his recent victories, as armed opposition forces reorganise themselves.

The biggest group he faces is the Free Syrian Army, made up of soldiers and officers who defected from his regime.

According to military experts, the presence of Foreign Office officials and the provision of training and equipment to the opposition means that British Special Forces are likely to be operating in Syria.

Teams from the SAS and SBS are understood to be based in the neighbouring state of Jordan, slipping into Syria on missions.

Ex-British Army commander Richard Kemp – a former member of the Government’s Joint Intelligence Committee – said: ‘The UK Government cannot give practical support to the rebels without a presence inside Syria, and any Foreign Office officials seeking to liaise with the opposition leaders would require close protection from Special Forces.

‘The situation is hostile and changing rapidly. It is important Britain monitors the situation closely.’


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