“Female-Fail” – Why Men Quit

Under the ruse of promoting “gay rights,” the Illuminati are waging a vicious hateful psychological war on heterosexuals.  As a result, society is adopting  homosexual norms which prize appearance & promiscuity over love, courtship, monogamy & family. Female mutation (lesbianism) is forcing men to abandon their traditional role, or go abroad for wives. 

by Ryan – henrymakow.com August 4, 2012

I read what Maggie had to say about modern men inMale Fail – Why Can’t Men Step Up?”     

I am a 25-year-old-man who lives in Vancouver. Maggie, men seem to lack ambition because we have reached a point where we have simply stopped caring. It’s depressing to be constantly scrutinized by girls I date, and no matter what I do, it is never good enough.

I make enough money to rent my own nice apartment in the city across from the park and I take care of all my bills and have no debts, but girls aren’t impressed by that.

They want a man who’s a professional and makes more than $100,000 and can take them on trips and buy everything they want. The first thing they ask me is “what do you do?” and then “how much does that pay?”

Why should I make more for a woman when she has her own job anyways and claims she can take care of herself?


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