How All Masonic Movements Work

Henry Makow – August 3, 2012

Bella Dodd’s Senate Committee testimony reveals how all Masonically-structured movements work whether in government, religion or business.
Good people get involved because they wish to change society for the better.
People know there is strength in numbers and enjoy the camaraderie of like minded people.
These organizations show themselves eventually when the originally perceived goals of the joiners do not seem as important to the leadership anymore or are even contradictory to the original intent.
It is much easier to infiltrate a group of people who already belong to an organization with a central figure and a leader or leaders who have established a general appeal.


Common discontent and even anger owned by the masses is potent for fuelling the progress and spread of the Masonic agenda.
Recently, hundreds of thousands of Spaniards are protesting additional austerity cuts in Spain to bail out the nation due to the banking crisis. There have been violent clashes with police; even police clashing with their own police brothers who off duty and joined the protesters in the streets.
American News has not been giving full coverage to these events choosing to concentrate on the Olympics instead.
People have also taken to the streets in Saudi Arabia. Greeks have been protesting  along with Italians. Syria is an ongoing revolution. Egypt, and so on……..
The common suffering and loss of hope has to do with austerity cuts inflicted on the populace because of the banking debacles and widespread unemployment.
There is nothing new in the historical pattern for governmental change except for lies used as smokescreens to disguise a core goal.
The group that will emerge to solve the banking debt crisis and offer hope to the unemployed and financially distressed will eventually succeed in establishing a global government.


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