The United States of Dumbass open a Can of Whoop-Ass

Visible Origami – August 3, 2012

Dog Poet Projectile vomiting…….
May your noses always sense the invisible dancing in the wind.
These days there is a thin line between stupidity and insanity. Much of the time you can hardly tell them apart. I’m not sure if that thin line is denial or not. Maybe it’s like the line in the sand that Colonel Travis drew at the Alamo. Maybe it’s a line of Trailer Boys Meth. Maybe it’s a line of bath salts. Maybe, these days, there is no line, except for the great big line of people standing outside of the one book store; no one is waiting outside the other one. On the one bookstore is a sign that says, “Please come in and browse our large collection of absolutely useless crap. We will sell no book with useful information”. The sign on the other bookstore reads, “Timeless classics and books that will change your life (shameless self promotion). You owe me more reviews people. I’m not asking much.
Anyway, Stupidity and Insanity are walking hand in hand down the boulevard. They’re in love. They stop and exchange a passionate kiss in the middle of the block. The girl, or whatever may be in that role lifts one leg behind her. Her hat falls off but the man catches it. It’s a tender moment. Passersby are touched and perhaps reminded of when they two were once enthralled by Cupid’s touch and internal ministrations. You have be impressed by the capacity of the public to respond to the important issues of our time. Check out the next to last sentence. Yes, the public is wearing a t-shirt that has a line drawn near the bottom with a slogan that says, “No thinking above this line”. Begin digression; I used to have a t-shirt that I made, which had a dotted line near the bottom. Above it was the slogan, “Only authorized personnel allowed below this line. At the chest area it said, “Les Visible World Tour T-Shirt. I don’t have it anymore because one night, I was wearing it in Charley’s Bar and Restaurant in Paia, Maui. By day it’s a fantastic breakfast joint and by night it can be a dangerous place, frequented by drunk locals and serious fights can and do break out there. I don’t know how it is now. This was during it’s Wild West Period. My friends would usually not come in there with me because I was somewhat provocative. This was back in the days when I used to go into Kalama Park and spar with the locals for entertainment. I was seriously out of my mind at the time. The lady bartender liked the shirt so much that I took it off at the bar and gave it to her. This nearly sparked an incident but she went off on the guy and all was well (grin). End digression.
Yes, the public knows what issues are important to it. You can’t go wrong using public and corporate concern as a barometer for approaching dumbass weather fronts. Some things slip under the public radar, simply because the public has no radar, like defense spending actually being twice what is reported, or  unimportant financial matters that makes the public uneasy while they are waiting for The Kardashians to come on. The government has given the public a high colonic and now they’re catatonic with residual afterglow. The truth is that if either the public or the government, took a complete shit they would both disappear. I know this is Origami, don’t worry, I’ll get there.
The same murderous thugs from the destruction of Libya are killing everyone in reach in Syria, with the open and publicly applauded assistance of the Israeli owned United States of Dumbass. Jesus and Coca Cola are the same thing and they both want a big pile of dead Syrians at the all you can kill buffet table. You can get Jesus in the can or Jesus in the bottle. Have a tall glass of carbonated Christ today and remember, it will clean your battery contacts as well. Did Christ tell you to go and kill all those Muslims? Did he whisper in your ear? Did you know that Jesus was a Syrian and NOT Jewish? Do you know what irony means? Do you know that Israel did 9/11? Do you know what cognitive dissonance is? It means that inside your head are a bunch of juvenile delinquents, banging trash can lids together. Meanwhile yet another mega- church leader has been caught out at serial buggery. Look what I got just putting megachurch leader into Google. I didn’t have to put anything else in. Would you like another helping of irony.?
America is the cultural equivalent of colony collapse disorder and it won’t be long till the cities go up in flames. Just an example of where the head of the country is at and which part of his anatomy his head is inserted in, they’re considering using foods made only from chemicals. Does this give an indication that Monsanto (my Satan) is running the place? Who founded Monsanto? Don’t ask, don’t tell, just  bend over and wait. Youtube has a new policy when dealing with Mr.Visible’s work. They let the counter go up to a certain number; counting every four or five visitors and then? Then they count backwards. I have observed this a number of times. Now some readers are saying that when they bookmark my site, the bookmark very soon disappears and if they bookmark it again, it disappears again and they can’t get to my site by normal means and have to go to one of the sites linking me to get here. I’m honored in both cases. Once, years ago I won a non monetary award as Best 9/11 truth site. Since that time I might as well be living in 17th century Massachusetts, with a big red A hung around my neck. This might discourage and upset some people. To me it’s an affirmation, not the same kind of bogus affirmation you might see from Louise B. Hays, who affirms that every disease comes from a particular emotional state that she can heal any of them in between martinis. Okay, some of you probably think she knows what she’s talking about. I don’t; not saying that most diseases aren’t tied to emotional states. My considered opinion is that stress initiates the conditions in most cases.
The public, the public, should not be seen in public. Show them the truth, if you want to make them angry, like a hive of bees was nesting on the back of their neck. Their church of the almighty, goddamn dollar, was founded on buggery and global murder. The historical record proves what that church is all about. Don’t tell the public, they’ll probably get angry and burn you at the stake. Don’t tell them they’re committing suicide, physically and spiritually. Don’t tell them most of their nation is obese. Don’t point out things that are directly in front of their eyes. That will really piss them off. Don’t mention Palestine cause apparently it doesn’t exist and never did.
What are the things that the church outlaws and forbids? Gnosticism and Essence practices. They’ve opted for Obscene practices. Religious leaders, well known celebrities, sports figures, educated academics all come out for Bwak! Obama. This blood-stained Howdy Doody primps and poses in the universal mirror and shows his shiny ass to the public, like an excited primate and asks you to kiss it and you do. Is it possible that none of these people have a clue as to what is going on? Is it possible that no one hears what that Federal Reserve executive had to say on C-Span? If they heard it would they comprehend the outrageous significance of her words?
I am in awe of the monolithic stupidity that crowns the heads of the contemporary public. I am literally stunned by its epic proportions. They have to be drinking a Big Gulp full of dumbass every morning. They have to be mainlining it. Is it possible that there is anything that can wake these people up? There doesn’t appear to be anything short of absolute chaos and calamity that will bring them to their senses. I would not want to be in America now and I doubt I will ever set foot on that dark landscape again. There is a whirlwind coalescing in the ethers. Judgment Day approaches. The weather has lost it’s mind. The crops are dying. The water is evaporating. The wildfires are gestating. Am I wrong?
If war is going to come, then we are in a window of only a few months. Once it happens, the world will be altered beyond recognition. Every area of ordinary life is going to be affected. Food and water are going to be made scarce and it is in the cities where you will see the result of that, as the all too thin veneer of humanities civilized face, drops off like a mask to reveal the beast beneath. Gejzuz Visible, that is some depressing shit. Is it true? Is it true?
Okay, physics is one thing and metaphysics is another. Visible evidence is one thing and invisible evidence is, well, invisible. One has to keep in mind, “the substance of things unseen”. There are a number of perspectives to view all of this from. If you are a materialist it looks one way and if you are a hedonist it looks another. Whatever you are, defines what you see and the meaning and implications of the mindset that populates your word, is what activates your Karma and your destiny. Nothing is real per se but thinking makes it so and every dynamic has certain principles, as well as a field of operation. Your existence is a personal expression of manifest destiny. It is what it is and predictable, until it is no longer what it is and then it becomes something else, with a whole new set of rules, or the same rules with a different impact. Anyone can change into anything at any time; that they do not do so is the result of conditioning and a belief system that is the motive impetus behind lifetime after lifetime, turning on a flaming wheel of unrequited desire.
When a person makes a change for the better in themselves, powerful forces of good rush to their side. There are invisible agencies for every condition of being. They are the advisers that inform every decision that is made. Get good advisers and they won’t steer you wrong. Your advisers are determined by what you think you want and they help you get it, over and over again. The most important question anyone can ask themselves is, “What do I really want”? After that you don’t have to concern yourself with anything else, ♫Your prison’s out walking through this world all alone♫ “What do I really want”? What is the inherent and enduring value of it? How does it compare to everything else I could want? What is the historical truth, concerning the desire for and acquisition of everything that can be desired? How does each thing match up with the other? If a person would only ask the right questions and do the necessary research, nearly all of their problems would vanish, because nearly all of their problems are the result of wanting the wrong things. You’ll have what you’re meant to have and probably a lot more of it, when you prioritize what’s important and discard what is not and the possession of what is important makes it possible to enjoy everything else far more than when you don’t possess what’s important. These are just words though and everyone will value and apply them or not, depending on how important they are to them. Well, we just came full circle again; “What do I really want”?
En Projectile Vomiting…….
I will try to get that radio show done today. I’ve been invited to someone’s home and may be there for some time.


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