The Times of the Season in Armageddonville

Reflections in a Petri Dish – August 2, 2012

Dog Poet Transitioning.
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Well, one Tribe fueled issue is heating up and certain to turn into a culture war at some point, which is the intent. Those seeking to rule over those they consider expendable cattle, are tirelessly at work through their powerful media organs, sowing confusion and dividing the public into various camps of opposition toward each other. Sowing discord and puzzlin’ you is the nature of a particular entitie’s game and one of the chief weapons of his worshipful servants. There is a twofold thing that people are overlooking about the gay phenomena. One is the change in cosmic impulse, which is engineering a feminization of the basic dynamics, in respect of the return of the divine feminine principle, as an operative power. The long term intent is to bring about an awakening of various powers within humanity, as it transitions into a new state of being. However, the state of the culture is one of steep decline, so the manner in which this force is being expressed is as you see it. Any student of history, real history, has observed what appears and is extant during certain periods in the life of a culture. Cultures have seasons just like the general weather changes and you get things in The Fall that you don’t get in The Spring. People can argue about this all they want but they are arguing against provable conditions that have repeated themselves in many cultures and in many times.
The gifts given to us by the alternative sexual community are significant. The problem arises when vested interests seek to legislate morality in opposition to the will of the majority. You’re dealing with Satanists and their manner of celebrating the anti-life is through the intentional reversal of the Kundalini force, as well as the application of infernal magic via the reversed Kabala. The reason that members of certain ‘positive’ secret societies are required to take vows of silence to protect the traditions they receive, is because the dark side is always on the lookout to steal these secrets and reverse engineer them to their own fell purposes. This is how the reversed Kabala came into action in the first place by willful perversion of The Sacred Magic of Abremalin the Mage, as well as the Sepher Yetzirah and the Sepher Zohar. These were not orginally Tribe traditions but came out of Chaldea, where the original flame alphabet, which they also acquired, came from.
These traditions go way back and have been seen in ancient Egypt, Sumer and further back into Atlantis. They were practiced by Plato in his school and in various climes and times. The looting of Tibet had less to do with taking the terrain than other things. The relentless wars of the Middle East are launched for reasons other than what most people imagine. All wars are magical wars and their purpose is the subversion of normal life and an assault on the secret places of the Earth. That will become much more apparent as time passes. They can’t win, of course, but they can make quite a mess on their way out and they can take a lot of people with them and that’s the point. It’s a kind of body count harvesting. It’s going in two directions but one has a less significant pull due to the tenor of the age. The options are there but the electro-magnetism of contemporary psycho-sexual force is powerful and effectively masked on different levels, which enhances the impact and renders ordinary defenses less potent than they might be. If you can’t see it coming and you don’t know what it is, well, there you have it, or rather, it has you.
The present impetus on the part of the predatory vermin, who are afflicting the greater population, is to reverse the natural order of things; to make abnormal normal and normal abnormal. This is how you get things like, “war is peace”, “freedom is slavery” and “ignorance is strength”. This is the purpose in the dumbing down, through a compromised education system and the deliberate trivialization of media and entertainment. This is where Twitter comes from. This is the purpose of reality TV and the elevation and celebration of ever more vacuous entertainment icons. This is all orchestrated, just as the economic situation is being manipulated, in order to funnel the young into military service.
The point behind taking over the publishing industry is to control the books resourced in academia, as well as to control viewpoints presented in both fiction and non fiction releases. The point of controlling the music and entertainment industries is to, over time, impact upon the minds and the emotions of a docile and receptive public. The control of the media has to do with controlling the flow of information and, more increasingly, manufacturing and fabricating the news, in locations other than where the imaginary events did not take place. This includes studio lots, created for the purpose of staged non happenings.
Over time, due to their control of the Central Banks and their ability to print money out of thin air, they have been able to buy these industries and the fealty of willing tools, who will serve at their pleasure in government, the courts and wherever certain influences are desirable to possess. This endless source of money, also allows them to defeat the campaigns and efforts of those who are less cooperative than they might wish for. Where a greater coercion is necessary, they further resort to intimidation, threats, blackmail; accomplished by staging sexual events and then videotaping them. They also employ murder, when it seems their only option, or even when they just want to make a statement to the rest of the tools. They are psychopaths, devoid of conscience and any restraint. They are without mercy and there is nothing they will not resort to, to fulfill their agenda, which is collectively; the enslavement of the human race and the elimination of some large part of it. Nothing less than the raising of Hell on Earth will satisfy them and this is according to the design of the one they serve. They are the chosen employees of humanitie’s primary enemy. They do evil for the sheer joy of doing it. It provides a sexual and spiritually negative charge. This along with the spilling of blood, the ritualized, rape-torture and murder of children and a laundry list of other offenses, serves to wake “the very demons of the deep” and march them across the landscape in pursuit of Armageddon. Its a pretty simple program. It gets complex where the mind of the observer is confused by things like seemingly conflicting forces that are generated for that very purpose. It gets complex when you are confused.
People get intimidated by the appearance of what they have to go through, in order to get to a desirable state. That is because they imagine the onus for accomplishment is on them. It doesn’t work like that. It succeeds by permitting the intelligence that has done this thousands of times to do it again. It’s like being and not being. As illustrated here on several occasions, because of the present state of the material world, people see things upside down and backwards, because their cameras have been fucked with from early times. Truly independent thinking is as rare as hen’s teeth. By example, a realized being would not be affected by taking LSD. Their normal state would already be like that in the most pristine sense. I’m not stating an absolute here but… let’s say in any number of cases this would be true.
The contemporary state of this poisoned world, automatically shuts down certain centers in the brain and inhibits the production and flow of certain, truly magical chemical combinations that have an extraordinary effect on the human organism. There are secretive organizations, who possess all sorts of knowledge concerning these things and my advice is to behave in such a way that you draw their attention. Conversely, you can behave in such a way that you attract the attention of the other organizations, who routinely monitor the universities, private and public schools and who employ a certain amount of the teachers and instructors that report back to these agencies. They are on the lookout in every area of public life for promising recruits. You get promised any number of things on your way in and then you are put in any number of compromising situations, in order to make you malleable to their will. The military takes a certain kind of individual and does all kinds of things to them. These organizations also keep abreast of the residents of penitentiaries and maximum security mental wards. They seek out true psychopaths and sociopaths for specialty work. The CIA and other black bag murder agencies that work for The Central Banks and the lord of the root of all evil, routinely employ sexual sadists and mental defectives of every stripe. It’s no accident so many perverts and dickheads are in the pay of the TSA. These are the very people they want in those positions. All the bobbleheads, Nimrods and ambulatory hood ornaments, are where they are because Shit for Brains Central wants them there.
People who think they are more hip and aware than their fellows watch John Stewart, Bill Maher, Alex Jones and think Chomsky is an oracle and friend to the underdogs. Every one of these men work for The Central Banks. The actual alternative press is a rare bird. Actual soldiers in the real war for human liberation are very few, considering the prestige and the pay. Ignominy and pariah status are just a few of the perks that come with the territory. The payoff is on the back-end and of course (grin), they do it for the sheer joy of it. There’s more to the whole dynamic but if I told you, I’d have to kill you.
Okay then, my friends …and those with other positions and perspectives. We’ve come to the end of another transmission and I’ll see you at the next Origami, if there is one.
End Transition…….

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