Twentyone U-S Servicemen Killed in Iraq Since Saturday

On Tuesday the U-S command reported a total of eleven US servicemen killed: nine Army soldiers and two Marines.

Four soldiers were killed in separate small-arms-fire attacks yesterday in Baghdad. Four more died when a roadside bomb blew up as their patrol passed by northwest of the city. The ninth soldier was killed Sunday when his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb.

The military today also reports that two more Marines have been killed, both in fighting in western Iraq’s particularly dangerous Anbar province. One was killed Sunday. The other died the day before. They were among five U-S Marines killed over the weekend: four in combat, one in a vehicle accident.

The following Wednesday the BBC reported four US soldiers killed in an attack in north-west Baghdad, citing US military sources. The deaths bring the total number of US servicemen killed in Iraq since Saturday to twentyone.

The deaths came as a US spokesman for the multi-national forces in Iraq said that the number of improvised explosive devices in Iraq is at an “all-time high.”

More than 27-hundred members of the U-S military have lost their lives in Iraq since the war began.