9/11 Anomalies

A reader pointed out the following recently which we feel merits wider attention.

Of course it may be no more than a coincidence but as a teacher of Rudolph Steiner’s work once said to me: “there is no such thing as coincidence”.

So coincidence or not consider the following.

“I have been trying in vain since Sept 11 to get this out”, writes our correspondent. “The FBI did not seem to take this seriously or it was ignored on purpose when I phoned them to report this observation… I really felt immediately that this could only be an ‘inside job’ for sure”.

“On the morning of 9/11″, our reader continues: “I could not help but notice the ‘codes’ hidden in plain/plane sight.

“We have flight 11, then flight 93(9+3=12), then flight 175(1+7+5=13), then flight 77=14.

“What can this mean? I’m sure this means something to somebody who may need this to connect the dots. Can you help get this out or investigate this please, I feel certain that this alone may shed light on something incredibly dark somehow.”