Killing Jesus for a Bowl of Goat’s Head Soup

Reflections in a Petri Dish – July 30, 2012

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A couple of introductory quotes from the timeless zone; “the love of money is the root of all evil”, and “follow the money”. Every darkness imaginable on the planet at this moment can be proven by the one or traced by the other and who is at the heart of the matter at the moment and times past? The Central Banks are. All economic depressions, all wars, the roots of criminal enterprise on a grand scale, or a small scale, come out of policies initiated by bankers. The former are financed for the purpose of laundering operations and the latter are caused by economic hardship and adversity placed upon those who cannot make an honest living. When dishonesty is the operative philosophy at the top, it matriculates downward into the population. It’s simple math, however you work the numbers
Every time the news becomes so banal that it is channeling pure anal, you can be sure that the corporate suits have got some bitches brew to serve up to the public. They have a big commercial kitchen, so there are certainly at least two or 3 Wolf or Viking gas stoves, with any number of pots simmering in preparation, for whatever selection finally gets made and you can expect the usual training exercises, simulating whatever happens, taking place at the same time. It’s hard to know who’s who and what’s what. You can get into the details, if you can get the details, or… who knows? There are so many versions and variations on a theme.
Where does this ‘sign the card’ happy birthday for Obama come from? I don’t want to know but I will find out by delayed reaction, in a way similar to porpoise fucking the scorpion beasts that are already, frenetically humping the mountains of the moon. In other words, by ways mysterious to the minds of men who are not also so engaged. I got your 99% right here; “shakin it here, Boss”. It must be so that some of us are employed in being the force behind the eyes of Billy Bob Thornton, playing the president of the United States. The reptile brain is in full ascendance. Leverage acts as leverage, until it is over leveraged and the lever transforms into a chute. Pressure generates power by compression, until the pressure becomes so great that it destroys the machinery producing the power.
The stock market, the currency, the collective progress of a society, continue so long as the level of confidence in any of them exceeds the doubt that rejects their value and importance. Nothing is actually real except to the degree that people believe in it. As soon as the greater mass of people cease to believe in it, it is no longer real. It is like the vested authority of the political spectrum. As Lao Tzu said long ago. “A leader is best when people are barely aware that he exists. It is worse when they love and admire him, even worse when they fear and hate him and the final stage is when they ridicule and laugh at him”. That’s all paraphrasing but the point is made.
I have run out of things to say. I have run out of creative variations to say the same things from another perspective. I have run out of new and ever more amplified hyperbole, to define and describe the absurdity of these times. The fools and fiends employed in raising Hell on Earth are incapable of regulating or stopping themselves. Truly, as Nietzsche said, “Those whom the god’s would destroy they first make mad”. Even though there is no precedence for success in what they are seeking to do, they soldier on into the abyss. The one’s at the top of the criminal pyramid, who deny that they are at the top of the criminal pyramid …but who are observably at the top of the criminal pyramid, build with their own hands the gibbets they will hang from.
For a long time now, they have been in engaged in a public relations game of playing the victimized, while enslaving and killing tens of millions. The tide of public opinion is shifting and all their artifice is becoming of no avail. Soon enough the red eyed mob is going to come after them and soon enough, the truth of all their evil activities, is going to be revealed in the bold sunlight of midday and there will be no argument, or defense they can muster. They will become the most accursed and hunted of creatures. Whatever mercy might attend some possibility of epiphany is fast running out. They will pull and push with a vengeance, until they are dragged and pulled after by the force of their own excess.
They’ve been called out by avatars and the great and courageous minds of the centuries and they have been allowed to prosper at the expense of everyone else, because that is the nature of times of darkness, in respect of the servants of darkness. When light breaks and awakening and awareness rise in concert, all that was dark and hidden is revealed and the genie will not go back into the bottle.
So, where am I going with this point, in this post I had no real intention of writing today; given that I have been considering a moratorium of this kind of thing, until the demented clowns, orchestrating their own destruction, get to that critical denouement? I’m getting into the predictable and inescapable madness that attends the deepest and darkest mania of them all; religious insanity. There are two kinds of religious insanity. There is the fanatical insanity of the worship of the material God; the one who has usurped the natural province of the sublime, higher mind of natural aspiration, toward the greater awareness of transcendent liberty and there is the worship of the currency of the material plane, for the purpose of an exclusionary state, at the expense of one’s fellows. This crazy and inflamed state, born of self interest, is radiated outward, from the captive planes of consciousness, by the disembodied residents of the lower astral plane. They are being swept out into the minds and bodies of those who have given up their own sovereignty, in exchange for temporary license and the exercise of ever increasingly profane appetites …and like the contagion of a plague, this viral parasite has found ever more welcome lodging, in the minds of the greater public, until it is universally accepted as the right and preferred state of being.
So… most especially in the logarithmically expanding decadence of the United States, this condition is reaching out into every nation, where similar conditions are festering into savage outbreak; both random and calculated acts of violence, against family, friends and strangers; kidnappings and torture, bodies by the road side, epidemic highway accidents, where as many as 20 people die at at a time, van’s filled with passengers exploding into flaming infernos, public shootings in shopping areas, the indiscriminate murder of individuals under the plastic button eyes of Mickey Mouse, blowing away teenage boys exiting their vehicles. Every day there are a half a dozen or a dozen more and all the unseen killings taking place across the land.
People are going to jail for catching rainwater. Hot dog stands and lemonade stands are resulting in the arrests of children. Children are being tased and shot down by the police. They’re being buggered and raped by public officials. You can’t grow your own food or milk your own cows. There are cameras everywhere but you can’t use your own. The supreme court said that corporations are people. Mitt Romney sucked the devil’s flaming cock below The Fellatio Wall in Jerusalem; swallow or spit, Mitt? He killed Jesus for a bowl of Goat’s foot soup. The fundies are screaming for Jesus to come back. They’ve got a hammer in one hand and a fistful of nails in the other. Jesus better watch his ass.
Yeat’s “Second Coming”, appears more prophetic and profound with every passing day. Things definitely fall apart and the center cannot hold. Holy flaming platypus shit! It is literally unfreaking believable. Every single news site is loaded up with either aspartame laced trivia, or the kind of words and actions that would have been considered seriously bizarre, only a short while ago. They’re still going on and on about the Tribe bus monitor because there is no industry more profitable than the victim industry and don’t you forget it, “Nefah again, nefah again, unless we do it”. It can’t end well for the most part. It just can’t. I’m going to find a great big farmhouse with a lot of land somewhere and someone’s going to buy it for me/us and then everyone who can make it will have some shelter from the storm. If I don’t disappear in India (as I hope to) that will be a reality and I’ve absolutely no doubt about it. We won’t have trouble supporting ourselves. I alone have any number of guaranteed profitable activities and God only knows what the rest of you will come up with. Let’s focus on this reality and make it happen. Just assume and expect it. I may not be there myself and then again I may but that’s got nothing to do with it happening. Assume it and expect it. I’ve already seen it in various ways I won’t be going into at the moment. Assume it and expect it, as opposed to your other alternative; “assume the position”. Over here, if you have a farm you are immediately entitled to a commercial license for whatever, pretty much.
It is Batshit Man crazy folks. You almost expect  that ending to so many Warner Brother’s cartoons with Porky Pig (how apt) saying, “ba ba ba ba bu,that’s all folks”, except, instead of Porky Pig, it’s Lord Shiva Nataraja, saying it and dancing The Tandava. There’s a giant, sucking sound, like water, or something worse, being drawn down the mouth of a powerful drain. Some have made it to the top of the sink. For everyone else, it’s off to the reincarnation, reclamation plant. On a positive note, Syria is kicking some Zio-rebel ass. On a positive note some of us know all of these things to be true and knowing something is true, puts you in the position to do something about yourself. That will be sufficient to changing the world. Do it today!
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