Are We Being “Groomed” to Accept Pedophilia?

by Tony Finn – July 28, 2012

Nothing happens by accident. So I ask why, after 17-years, was the Jerry Sandusky pedophile ring exposed only now? 
“Grooming” is a pedophile word which has entered our lexicon.
One is “groomed” for a job, and similarly popular opinion is “groomed.”
I submit we are being groomed to accept pedophilia. Since children will also have “sexual rights,”  things will be very convenient for pedophiles.
Moral outrage is one of the devils favorite tools.  Arising after the exposure of some evil, it usually dissipates in inaction and the illusion that something has been done.
But what the Jerry Sandusky case, instead of banishing pedophiles, actually protected them?
As a sports nut, I fall asleep to one of the three all-night sports shows in my town. In the case of Sandusky, I heard how this story unfolded many times:
The official version limited it to one pedophile and one absent-minded coach (Joe Paterno) who made an “error of judgment.”
Everyone was shocked, evidence to the strength of the humanity remaining in all of us.
Some time is allowed to go by as the media limits the story and directs the energy towards sanctions, the great history of Penn State etc etc. After these early groomers, slowly the chosen groomers arrive.

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