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Visible Origami – July 26, 2012

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Is the mind quicker than the eye, or the eye quicker than the mind? Is the immediate presumption of something more likely than what deeper inquiry reveals; in other words are things usually what they seem? That is a question for each person to ask of themselves and there is one more thing to ponder which is of critical importance. Who are the people who give careful consideration to the question of whether things are what they seem and who are the people that shrug and say, “Duh” and move on to whatever version of Rice Crispies are crackling in their brain? Of course it could be Fruit Loops, though they may not crackle and it could be Fizzies, which do come with sound effects. I use these examples because the FX people use to distract the mind from its primary concern vary. The mind has a primary concern? Yes, it does and those who, sometimes fatuously, tell themselves they are studying the Hermetic Sciences or Alchemy, should consider the implications of working with Mercury and the qualities of the ‘element’ Mercury. It is sometimes also called quicksilver. Solving this particular concern is a major consideration to solving all following concerns and even understanding them, for that matter.
Here’s a thought. Let’s say you were the principal exporter of terror in the world. That would be, of course, the occupying force presently genociding the Palestinians. Let us look at their recent caper in Bulgaria, where they blew up a bus with some of their own people on it, just to generate heat against the Iranians. Most people immediately assume that the guy with the bomb was either a true believer, or a so-called mind slave. How about this; certain forms of hypnosis also work this way. You convince the person with the bomb that he’s just going to place it on the bus and then walk away to the escape car, which will disappear in the uproar and carnage of the aftermath. Convincing someone of something like this can be easier than you think, if they’ve already done some few things before that went off as presented to him. Misdirection and deception (by way of) can take many forms and that is why one needs to get Mercury sorted before they seek to go further on their road. Everything about the road is affected by the status of your Mercury. I’m not talking about the planet ,though that can always have a bearing on the process.
Religion has nothing to do with anything I am saying. Religion is like priestly garments that conceal the natural truth behind them and also, with false doctrine, distort reality with things like enforced celibacy that sooner or later outbreaks through the weakest link in the chain. Everything has to do with sex; at least in terms of how you manage it, or don’t manage it. It will plague and bedevil the fuck out of you (grin), if you do not manage it and you can’t manage it if you don’t understand it. That would be similar to attempting to wire your house, without understanding electricity and then go on to installing the plumbing. You might want to look for the connection between heating and plumbing, which is a tandem engaged in by plumbing contractors. I can never do much more than hint at certain things. I’m not intentionally vague. You will note that all everyone else has ever done in that respect was to hint or present by way of analogy and creative imagery.
I recommend the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus and I provide an affirmation in terms of particular procedures, employed by seekers for centuries. For years, on and off, I have recited the text found on the tablet. This involves the mechanism of repetition. Imagine yourself as a stone mason and your mind as the virgin granite. Imagine that you have a hammer and chisel and you are carving words into the stone. This will have a lasting impact on the stone and requires a great deal more industry than writing the words on paper. Compare this with the routine of people who go to church on Sunday, or even Wednesday evening too and who say their prayers at night. Compare that with one who chants for lengths of time every single day, or who prays without ceasing. Look it up. Being able to do this is greatly affected by your relationship to your Mercury. Who do you think is likely to make a greater impression on the cosmos in terms of sincerity and determination? You don’t get anything done without the assistance of the cosmos. If you think you can, you’re dreaming. You will not get the assistance of the cosmos, unless you impress the cosmos. You might as well go have a career at something, start a family, whatever, bide your lifetimes until the spark is ignited. You’ll be wasting your time to attempt something that takes “the last full measure of devotion”. Job One is, ‘don’t fool yourself’. Job Two is, ‘don’t even think about fooling the cosmos’.
There are various pathways and the reason there are various pathways, is because there are various personalities. There are various types. Some gravitate toward pure and perfect abstinence and surrender. That is the path of the saint. There is the path of the mystic. There is the path of the sage. There are others as well. Think of the whole thing as being on rails and having switching yards and other phenomena. What you are meant to achieve as, will be clarified as you go, by the ‘nature of your experiences and your reactions to them’. It’s not uncommon to set off as one and transform into another.
By example, I will reference myself, because there is a particular point which needs must be made. People have the mistaken idea that being on the path means, without exception, renunciation of the world and everything that’s in it. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially in these times. I mention this because I am sure I am a curiosity to some; especially those too well informed about superficial maxims and spiritual platitudes, as they apply to the anally retentive mind, of those stuck in the vast libraries of all the things they learned, which serve the same purpose as falling into the ocean fully clothed and having to swim with the heavy drag of their garments. I’m sure I am a curiosity to some that I am so consistently engaged in defining and documenting the crimes of those in the service of humanities’s ancient enemies. That just happens to be my job for the moment and that will change in the foreseeable future. I would not have to be so employed if there were a larger range of individuals so engaged.
I did not set out with any of this in mind. I had no preconceived notions about the players and the game. The fact of the matter was that I knew very little about the reality of these things, until I set sail on the internet. I am the product of the things I have learned. By this time, specific truths about a collection of psychopaths and their employees and pawns, not to mention the great uninformed, sometimes referred to as the great unwashed, have become overwhelmingly conclusive. The enormous preponderance of evidence, pointing to the same miscreants, as well as the vast historical record of their crimes, proves beyond question the state of awareness that I occupy today. Whether it is being ejected from nearly every country in the world at least once, or the list of unbelievable atrocities from The Bolshevik Revolution to the slave trade, on up to present day human trafficking and organ harvesting; 9/11, 7/7, 3/11 and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
I could fill pages here just listing one crime after the other and let us not forget the names of those families and dynasties that control just about every single central bank. Let us not forget that this control over a great stretch of time led to control of the media, entertainment, publishing and various, with the specific object of controlling the flow, content and quality of information, as well as prohibiting the publication of all things contrary to their diabolical agenda. This further led to the control of governments and sundry.
Lately a handful of anonymous dis-info agents have come around in an attempt to muddy the waters, to say that what I say is incorrect, that these criminals do not possess the control that they observably do, to say things like, “none of them are connected to any real power’ (in a sense I agree with that) and that I am wrong and misinformed, despite the TREMENDOUS WEIGHT OF DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE. It’s what it is. I didn’t want to have to believe these things. If I were a coward or an opportunist, I would have bypassed all of this and looked out for myself, instead of turning myself into a marooned sailor, on a nearly deserted island …and effectively sinking all possibility of a successful career in the arts I have cultivated through this lifetime and those before it. It has made me a pariah to all those pretending to serve human interest on their large, commercialized websites, devoted to the goddamn dollar and their fabricated reputations that tippy toe around the mine fields of truth that would sabotage their self interest. You encounter them every day in your pursuit of the truth. You can see the hedging and the parsing and the denial that is oh so necessary for their continuance. Fuck that noise.
Our job descriptions change with the conditions of our existence. The stations of consciousness we represent, also change as the responsibilities and requirements are met. We are each of us alone in the private drawing room of our conscience and whatever may or may not take place there is known to us alone. Hell, like Heaven is, in a certain way, a private affair and we determine the nature of our state by whatever we have turned ourselves into, or been fashioned into, by the manner in which we came and went. There are litmus tests here and there are litmus tests elsewhere and secret markings that influence the opening and closing of artfully concealed doors. We are all observed in our passage and our passage is influenced and adjusted accordingly. Make of this what you will.
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