The Spring Cleaning Period of the Aquarian Age

Reflections in a Petri Dish – July 25, 2012

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The irony of death by fire and the correlative desire that engages material culture is not lost on the author. What would cause several people and more to come to choose one of the most painful deaths imaginable, especially if you don’t die right off and they generally don’t? I refer you once again to the Battle of Morannon and what took place in the minds of those fighting for the lidless eye, when the ring went into Mount Doom. You’re about to see some really impressive shit when it comes to people losing their minds. This is how I see it going down. The bad guys are going to lose their minds. They are going to lose their hold on their identities and on what anchors them on this plane. You can already see this in their behavior as uncontrollable greed, venality and indifference to consequences motivates them toward their date with perdition. Now, of course, they don’t believe in consequences, not for them anyhow but that goes contrary to various laws of physics and metaphysics, which, though most people may be unaware of it, is directly related to the laws of Karma and believe me, there are laws of Karma; ♫Karma, karma, karma, karma karmeleon, red gold and green, red gold and greee-e-e-eeen♫
“The Earth is a sacred vessel and at the mere approach of the profane it recedes”. Several people made significant strides in attempting to take over the world. No one ever accomplished it and every empire engaged in such folly has gone down for the same boneheaded policies and mindsets. You are watching classic meltdown. When the power goes off in the heads of those serving the darkness, you are going to see some very funny and some very tragic things. All this time that they have been given to wake the fuck up and they couldn’t be bothered. You can’t get where you think you’re going if you are headed in the wrong direction. You will never get there because there is no there, there. If you really did want to take over the world and you had the right intentions and knew a thing or two (some of us do), you would simply take command of yourself and the world would embrace you as its master. This kind of global triumph has occurred, successfully, more than once and you are familiar with some of the names. Most of the names are unknown in the common thoroughfares. Many things are unknown in the common thoroughfares, which is why they are avoided by those seeking another route. As The Man on the Beach told me, when I asked him why he wasn’t in the city where people could profit from him, he said, “I don’t like being pushed around”.
I know it seems to be out of control and getting worse and I know that I say what I am about to say often but so long as the impression remains on the collective mind that things are spiraling out of control, it is necessary to remind people that things are not spiraling out of control. Well, yeah, they are spiraling out of control, from a certain perspective …and they are definitely spiraling out of control as far as the nogoodnicks are concerned but in the comprehensive sense we are looking at the spring cleaning of the Aquarian Age. The cosmos is doing the laundry. It’s going to get ‘whiter whites and brighter colors’. It’s looking for that metaphorical spring time of the world when all the children of the divine, danced on the mountain tops for joy. Now, I may not get to that mountain with you (grin).
We got a slick dis-info agent that comes around here masquerading as a Muslim, talking like no devout or even indifferent Muslim would talk, trying to get a rise out of me. I wish people would up their game when they’re trying to mess with me. I object to the amateurish incompetence, a lot more than I do to the ‘trying to poke a stick through the cage’ scenario. As it happens, I was a Muslim for a few years under the tutelage of a Sufi saint, one Guru Bawa and as things go sometimes, I moved on into another chapter of my existence and managed to get into a whole lot of trouble at the same time. When Bawa was informed about my situation by Michael Green he said, “He’s just chosen another path. He will be alright”.
The movements of the planets, if you believe in that sort of thing, creates varieties of culture, governments and religions that are tuned to the needs of the long term development of the people experiencing them. It sets a stage that stays up for as long as the performance requires it and then the stage is dismantled and a new stage is erected. You are there now, in the interim period, where one stage is coming down and another is going up. This tends to happen simultaneously and that brings us to the explanation of why some people are the way they are. Some people are focused only on the stage that is coming down. They may not know this stage is coming down. That is because they have a major investment in the performance taking place, on that stage, and are unwilling to see the reality of what is taking place and prefer to put their own spin on it, in respect of whatever amount of self-deception is required.
Others are looking at the new stage going up, without actually seeing it, because it tends to appear real sudden like, via the medium of precipitation. When the old stage gets dismantled, so does the electronics, which provided so many of the various FX, including the acting and speaking parts of the principals. This dovetails with what I said earlier about them losing their minds.
You don’t have to be religious in order to take advantage of a variety of metaphysical goodies. In fact, it can be a hindrances, a big hindrance, since a good portion of the world’s religions are in the tank as far as clarity and living waters are concerned and the proof of that is the pandemic of the Fundie Virus which is similar to Ebola in some ways. It doesn’t eat your face off. What it does is it eats your brain and turns your heart into a rock but… like they say, “When life gives you rocks, you make rock soup”, actually, they don’t say that. I said that and I probably won’t say it again but the fact is that when religion, culture and governments become stratified, they also become a breeding ground for the worst possibilities in the human estate. Ignorance is enthroned like a monkey, upon the king’s seat, and it entertains itself, the way that monkeys tend to do; throwing their shit and showing their ass and thinking it’s funny. When The Fundies come to town, you know you’re near the end of the movie. When the crassest and least inspired of us are the icons of the culture, you know it’s near the end of the movie. When common criminals are in control of the government and the highest courts in the land have become crack whores for the corporations, you know it’s near the end of the movie. In other words, we’re near the end of the movie AND the beginning of the next feature.
All these people, with the cords standing out on their necks, angry at their fellows who hold a different view of things and can’t see that they’re being played on both sides by lying weasels that work for Satanic banker scum, are in a world of hurt. There’s not much you can do for people who think Jersey Shore and The Shah’s of Sunset is entertainment. They are past their sell by date. I have seen neither of these but word of their fecal depravity has reached me through reviews and the like.
You’re either listening to the soundtrack from Hell and defending it, or somewhere you managed to cross paths with Pythagoras and you learned a little about the music of the spheres, briefly outlined here by Zio-Pedia. You’ll note the terms by which it is defined and the use of the word ‘resonance’, something that gets mentioned around here frequently. We have a resonance here and that resonance is like a rock dropped into a still lake. It will eventually cover the surface of the lake with ripples, even if you can’t see them after awhile. There are other circles of resonance rippling out from any number of conning towers that are being activated in a synchronized fashion, as the interaction of cosmic forces brings it about in the scheduled time frame.
It’s depressing to see the surround sound talking heads, robotically transmitting reconstituted bullshit to the millions, who think it’s caviar, even though they’ve never had caviar. It’s even more depressing that the manufactured cadres of so called alternative journalists, are more concerned about building a reputation and will tell some portion of the truth, only for so long as it takes to get the money pump engaged. In the UK they have a phrase called “taking the piss”. I’ve got a new one for you. From now on when you hear one of these people telling some portion of the truth and then you find their figures, like how many Stalin killed to be seriously askew AND the only reason that could be is because the Bolshevik Zionists were behind all of the murders, instead of saying “he’s taking the piss”, you can say “he’s taking a Wiki-Leak”. There aren’t too many people walking around with less credibility than Julian Assange. Of course, when you see on a person’s website that they have been named “the second most influential person in the alternative media” you have to wonder, because according to his good buddy Alex Jones, Israel had nothing to do with 9/11. I went looking for corroborative evidence that this #2 believes, as Rothschild funded Alex Jones does, that Israel had no part in 9/11. Imagine my surprise when, in the process of reading this post I found myself mentioned (grin). I know I won’t be listed among the big kahuna influentials and thank god for that.
Anyone who does not point out that Israel was behind 9/11 and the majority of every other terror attack in recent times is a liar, a coward or an opportunist. They are either guilty of misrepresentation, or the crime of omission. By this time, anyone worth their salt knows indisputably who is working the terror scam, as well as they’re being the single greatest beneficiary. If you don’t meet these standards then you’re a tool for the very forces you pretend to speak out against, without having the balls to name them in the bargain. You take the circuitous route of naming those who were employed in the operations by those who were in control of the operations. That’s how it is. That’s how it is.
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